auticon UK, the London tech company which exclusively employs autistic IT consultants, is joining forces with WeWork to introduce a weekly autism quiet hour throughout November at the WeWork coworking space in Spitalfields, London.

A designated quiet room will be reserved; lights will be dimmed; coworkers will be asked to keep noise to a minimum and music will be turned off in public spaces during the course of the autism quiet hour, as part of auticon’s campaign to grow awareness around autism in the workplace.

auticon is celebrating two years since investment. The market-leading tech consultancy and social enterprise has been based at WeWork Spitalfields since its launch in London in spring 2016, and chose the offices for their quiet, private offices and flexible space (the company started with one director and now employs more than 35 people).

Many autistic people have unique skill sets and are highly qualified, but struggle with the sensory environment of typical workplaces. Slight adaptations to the lighting or auditory environment could help enable employers tap into this pool of talent.

The autism quiet hour at WeWork Spitalfields will occure weekly throughout November, each Wednesday at 11am. Auticon team members were available during this time to discuss how companies and startups can benefit from the unique cognitive talents of autistic people by making their workspace more autism-friendly.