So you’ve finally managed to arrange a date with that hot single you’ve had your eye on for some time? You’ve chosen a romantic venue, researched captivating conversation topics, and are ready to sweep her off her feet with your charm. Unfortunately, your ambitious plans could prove pointless if you neglect this crucial aspect: what to wear. Even if you’ve been connecting on a this site for a while and built a rapport, no matter how dazzling your wit you will be certainly be judged on your appearance. Here are five of the biggest mistakes men make.

Too formal

 While you should certainly bear in mind you are dressing to impress, there is a fine line between smart and overly formal. Keep those dress suits at the back of your wardrobe until you are attending a job interview or a funeral. Dates should be naturally relaxed events. So, by all means, show up in smart attire, possibly with discreet designer emblems on display, but never be tempted to walk through the door looking like her bank manager. This will only convey an impression of someone who is not willing to let their hair down.


 You can wear T-shirts rather than shirts, but the golden rule is they need to be casual but smart. Polo shirts can be especially effective when customized with jackets or designer jeans. But you should definitely avoid scruffy T-shirts which look as if you’ve just thrown them on after retrieving them from a corner of your bedroom. While you might be proud of your taste in music, you should also avoid turning up wearing that T-shirt you purchased at the merchandise stall at the last gig you attended. Your date should be focusing on your conversation, not the Metallica logo emblazoned across your chest.

Scuffed or scruffy attire

 It might seem like a no-brainer to suggest you turn up in clean, ironed and well-presented clothes but it is easy to miss out certain details. There is no point donning an expensive outfit if you omit to shine your shoes before embarking on your date. Her eye will inadvertently be drawn to scuff marks on your footwear or unseemly stains on your jersey.

Unruly hair

 The part of you your date will focus on will be from the neck upwards. It is therefore important to pay due attention to your hair and jawline. If you go in for the hirsute look, ensure your beard is well groomed and you don’t look as if you’ve just returned to civilization after having been shipwrecked for several months. Your hairstyle should always look clean and recently washed, and if you do apply a product, ensure you don’t overdo this and end up making your hair look greasy. There is nothing wrong with sporting an individual look, as this is part of your personality. But no matter the style, just make sure you keep your barnet well combed and gelled.

This isn’t a sporting event

 At any date, you have to strike a balance between appreciating the need to be smart and attentive while conveying an impression of being relaxed and charming. It is always important to give due deference to the occasion. You may well have a favorite football or hockey or baseball team, but you should resist the urge to show up in anything bearing your team’s logo, or outfits which are overloaded with the club colors. There is every likelihood your date will not share your adulation of the team in question and would rather not have your own tastes shoved down her throat at every opportunity.