Some people can’t wait to get to bed hoping they’ll dream about something or someone. Others couldn’t think twice about dreams and wave them off as having had too much to eat before sleeping. This article will give you some mind blowing facts about dreams and why you might want to take them more seriously.

Some facts about dreams

Most people will not remember them, but we actually dream between 4-6 times per night. That’s a minimum of 1,460 dreams per year. That’s a lot of dreaming!

We forget between 90%-95% of our dream. Why we forget isn’t that clear but one theory has to do with lack of concentration during sleep. People who believe dreams matter are more likely to remember.

The longest dream is between 30-45 minutes.

Even if you don’t recognize a person in your dream, you have actually seen them in waking life even for a fleeting moment.

Around 75% of people have had a dream come true.

Google co-founder, Larry Page, said in a university commencement speech, that he dreamt and took down notes after waking up. Those notes became the blueprint of the powerful search engine, Google.

Despite the facts, dreams still remain a mystery. Scientists can explain some correlating facts to dreams and what goes on in the brain at the time, such as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) but why we dream is still baffling. Yet, we can give you some insight and mention 5 points of why they’re important.

1. Communication

Dreams are actually encoded messages. Messages may be blatant, yet also come to us in the form of symbolism, which is why dreams might seem gibberish to us and we can’t make sense of them. Some people have the ability to decode the symbolism, without losing reason or logic. Paying more attention and learning more about dreams will convey to you what that communication is about and why it is happening at a particular time in your life.

2. Information

Within what seems gibberish is actually information. Outside forces that influence us in our waking life might block information, thus it comes during our dream state. The information tells us what is really going on in our subconscious. Armed with that information, you can help yourself resolve various issues.

3. Facing Fears

One aspect of dreams is that more often than not we dream of negative things. One reason for that is because we try to escape from our deepest fears and worries while we’re awake. But our subconscious mind brings up those fears to in dreams. It’s not a coincidence that most of us have dreamt of incidents or situations that others have dreamt of also. For example, falling is a common dream among people. Sheila Moon from Psychic 2 Tarot explains that dreaming about falling often means you are worried about losing control in your life or you have recently loss control of a situation.  There are many other common dreams, and understanding those negative dreams can help you overcome struggles and insecurities in your life and make you a stronger person.

4. Guidance

Once you can decode the symbolism and understand the information, you are in a much better position to take action or make a decision about something in your life. Dreams are often the view of your inner-self and consciousness, and unlike our waking life where we are cautious and are skeptical of the world around us, the perception you see yourself in a dream can often be the real you.  

5. Healing

Dreams get you in touch with the self, and make you look at yourself from a broader perspective. They reveal to you more about what the soul wants and needs as opposed to the ego of a waking state. A dream can put you on the right path again to connect to your soul, and this allows you to heal from past negative experiences that are still lingering in your life. When you heal, it becomes more doable to manifest the good things that lie ahead of you. Dreams also help us to heal from losing a loved one. Many people will swear that a passed loved one came in their dream to warn them or advise them or just to assure them that they are fine.

Dreams, their interpretations and how to use them to improve our lives is an entire topic of study. There are benefits of dreams when you understand them. It’s not always ‘just a dream’ when you comprehend the deeper meaning behind it and see how it applies to your life.