Urban menswear has come a long way in recent times. Once restricted to skateboarders and fans of obscure hip-hop groups, streetwear has steadily been changing the very face of men’s fashion; becoming a perfect reflection of how society and culture has changed over the past 30 years or so.

According to Mintel (a global market research company), the men’s UK clothing market is now worth around £15 billion, while further growth of 11% is expected by 2022. These figures are in no small part down to the sudden rise in streetstyle and urban trends, as men’s clothing becomes more inventive, original and, in some cases, downright beautiful.

In fact, industry experts are even predicting that menswear will outstrip womenswear by next year—a notion that would have seemed completely ridiculous just a short time ago—as the growing influence of streetwear makes guys more interested in new clothing and keeping up with fashion trends. But what exactly does urban menswear look like in 2019?

Colourful Jackets are a Winter Essential

Typically, the most popular men’s coats act as a perfect reflection of the gloomy winter period; adorned in dreary shades of black and grey. This year, however, guys are using their jackets to add a splash of colour to the melancholy British landscape, opting for designs dripping with vibrancy and character.

It’s true that you can’t go wrong with a good parka or bomber jacket, but plenty of guys are ditching the more traditional designs and instead choosing those drenched in bold autumnal shades. Although the very thought of a red parka might make you feel a little queasy, it’s guaranteed to offer a distinctive style and provide a dazzling pop of colour. Besides, it’s high time for beige and green to step aside.

The Return of the Tracksuit

Make no mistake, sportswear is having an absolutely massive impact on the world of men’s fashion. In fact, we’d argue that the growing popularity of branded tracksuits is largely behind the streetwear phenomenon, with Forbes listing Nike as the most valuable clothing brand on the planet right now.

Perhaps once claimed by dodgy-looking teens lurking on street corners, the tracksuit has enjoyed something of a resurgence in recent times, with actor Armie Hammer recently going viral with his bold collection of retro adidas designs. Of course, it’s these retro designs which are widely regarded as the most stylish, as the UK continues its seemingly never-ending love affair with the 1990’s.

Although we perhaps wouldn’t recommend opting for an Ali G-style shell suit, tracksuits featuring audacious patterns and inexplicable colour combinations are all the rage right now; while those incorporating bold branding have been proving particularly popular. Whether you plan on wearing it around town or curled up in front of Netflix, a tracksuit is an essential addition to every man’s urban wardrobe.

Flaunt Short Shorts This Summer

Who wears short shorts? Well, judging by what we’ve seen so far from the fashion shows, it looks like we all will.

The microshort became prominent in the middle of last summer, during an unprecedented heatwave that had us all sweating from places we never knew existed. This year, it’s expected to come back even stronger, as guys attempt to relax, catch some sun and ultimately show off their upper thighs this summer.

Of course, there are still those that feel shorts make a man look a little immature, but they’re ultimately a great way of cooling down in warmer climates and achieving a truly relaxed style. So, you better get cracking on those squats and lunges in time for summer, then.

Relaxed Suits are a Thing Now

Thanks to the rapid rise of urban menswear, comfort has suddenly become a whole lot cooler. So cool in fact, that guys are now using pieces of comfortable streetwear to create their own “relaxed suits”. After all, it looks as though the traditional suit has gone the same way as the dodo, with the majority of guys only choosing to suit up for work (when they have to) and extra special occasions (again, when they have to).

The rise of tailored sportswear has been fast and unexpected, with guys choosing to combine their favourite bits of streetwear with traditional tailoring. Smart jackets and overcoats are being matched with turtle necks, hoodies and oversized jumpers, while some guys are even going far enough to wear a suit jacket with no shirt underneath.

Crisp white trainers and seasonal hats are often worn to complete the look, as the entire landscape of urban menswear moves into a slightly smarter period; offering you the chance to take your smart-casual game to a whole new level in 2019.