As part of feminist movements and feminism in general, these feminist TV shows are spearheading the way towards gender equality. Here are the top 9 feminist TV series of last years.

For many decades, audiences were used to seeing shows that reduce women to stereotypes, constrain women into narrow gender roles, or present unrealistic images of women. The last few years, however, have seen the emergence of feminist TV shows. Whether these were best TV shows about women or TV shows with female leads, they all have one thing in common: they present women in realistic, nuanced, and empowering ways. What makes these series particularly important is their ability to influence the youth in positive ways. Watched by both young and adult women, these feminist TV series offer the role models women can aspire to become. In this list, we will look at the top 9 feminist TV series of last years.

Best TV Shows About Women

  1. Game of Thrones. Set in a fictional medieval world, GOT follows the struggle between rival families for the kingdom’s throne. While the earlier seasons saw the subjugation of its lead female characters (Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark, Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Lena Headey as Cersei Lannister), the latter seasons have seen the rise of these women to positions of great power, thus subverting stereotypical representations of women as weak and submissive. Women as reigning queens, military leaders, and dragon-riding warriors. What more could anyone ask for?
  2. Madam Secretary. Madam Secretary tells the story of Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni) as she navigates both personal and political issues in her role as the US Secretary of State. For its intimate look into how it is to be a woman in a position of power in a tumultuous political arena dominated by men, this series makes it to our list of the best TV shows of 2018.
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale. Based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of the same name, this drama series from Hulu follows Offred (played by Elisabeth Moss) as she and other women struggle against the a totalitarian government that has reduced women to state property whose sole role is to give birth to children. With its tremendously talented cast and its moving storyline, this series is definitely not only one of the best TV shows of 2017, but is part of the best TV shows for women today.
  4. Orange is the New Black. Known as OITNB, this series is definitely one of the best Netflix TV shows. The series follows the experiences of Piper Chapman (played by Taylor Schilling) as she spends time in a federal prison where she meets a cast of unforgettable women. OITNB is where gender, race, social class, and sexuality intersect, and for this realistic look into women’s lives the show garners a rightful spot on this list. Due to its treatment of womanhood, Orange is the New Black can be considered as one of the best series for discussion of feminism among students.
  5. Broad City. Set in New York City, Broad City follows the lives of Ilana and Abbi (played by Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, respectively) as they deal with the problems, uncertainties, and lack of direction faced by women in their 20s. Funny, raw, and blunt, this series is a nod to the struggle of feminism movements against society’s penchant for creating unrealistic portrayal of women.
  6. This series follows the story of Carrie Mathison (played by Claire Danes), a CIA officer, as she goes through a number of dangerous missions across the globe. The series has been praised by critics not only for its great plot but also for its portrayal of a strong female lead. Mathison is independent, spirited, and brilliant, yet at the same time she is also sensitive and compassionate. For these reasons, Homeland garners a spot on our list of good TV shows to watch.
  7. Like Homeland, Scandal is another series known for its strong female lead. Set in Washington, D.C., the series centers on Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), a crisis management expert who has intimate connections with the rich and powerful including the President of the United States. Like Homeland, Scandal is another series known for its strong female lead, which made it one of the best series to watch in 2018.
  8. One of HBO’s top hits, Girls tells the story of four young women living in New York City including the main character Hannah Horvath (played by Lena Dunham). While the series has polarized critics, Girls was definitely one of the best series to watch in 2017 for its out-the-box approach to portraying women and the myriad struggles they go through.
  9. Grace and Frankie. Played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, respectively, Grace and Frankie are two women in their 70s who strike up an odd friendship after their husbands leave them to marry each other. What makes Grace and Frankie great is that it explores a side of womanhood that not many TV shows have explored: the life of women in their 70s.

As a decades-long movement, feminism has played an important role in promoting gender equality and empowering women. One way by which feminism has been advanced is through the media, particularly the portrayal of women and issues women face in television series. With many of the shows today presenting feminist themes, these series are excellent topics for discussion of feminism in college. So, whether you are watching the best shows on HBO or the best shows on Amazon Prime, be sure to check out and share with friends these top 9 feminist TV series of last years. And speaking of discussions on feminism, Custom Essay Writing Service can help you with your coursework. As feminism remains a fiercely debated topic, people should continue to seek out actively feminist shows in order to further advance the importance of being advocates for equality.