Shortly after the UK’s referendum on its EU membership, one savvy dating app user changed their bio to include the line “Hoping to leave the single market before the UK does”.

Within a few weeks it became impossible to spend longer than 15 minutes on any dating app without seeing a profile containing this cheeky bit of political repartee. Like any viral sensation, it started as funny but rapidly became annoying (I’m looking at you baby shark, doo doo doodoo one more time and I swear I’ll switch back to plastic straws).

This is where The Inner Circle comes in. This global selective dating app has its roots in Amsterdam, but now has one of its largest user bases in London. That’s why staff in both their London and Amsterdam offices are taking the time to spread the word about the apps “Travel” feature.

In essence, the feature lets you share where you’re travelling before you go, making your profile visible in that city and letting users know you’ll be arriving soon. If you’re off on a business trip then this feature makes sure you can fill your evenings with incredible people. If you’ve got a holiday with parents who go to bed early, this means you have a pool of attractive locals who can tell you the best bars and restaurants to meet them at.

Or if your country’s government isn’t 100% sure about how, when, why, or even if it’s going to leave a certain political block before the summer, The Inner Circle is on hand to make sure that regardless if your single market status, your relationship status is secured.

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