Luxury watches are “the thing” if you want to underline your personality and that creative edge that makes you unique. As in case with people, each watch has its characteristics that imply certain features- being bold or shy, being extrovert or introvert, preferring a more classic or, well, classy look. A watch says it all, and in this article we’re going to run you through the most creative luxury watches you can choose to add to your favorite accessories.

Rolex Sky Dweller

Rolex Sky Dweller is a true masterpiece, the real translation of luxury into wristwear. Dubbed “The World Traveller’s Watch” it embraces the mixture of moods and dimensions, emphasizing bright and bold individuality. It boasts an innovative system for setting the functions, that’s peculiar to Rolex only. The prices of this piece are pretty impressive, but you can also consider buying a pre-owned luxury watch from a trusted third party like Chronoexpert.

Patek Philippe Complications World

This color-rich piece is a new mood setter. Truly coveted by collectors and frequent travelers and collectors, this watch is a synonym of class at its finest. The choice of colors is that you’ve seen on the maps- a promising beginning to your worldwide expedition. Preferred mostly by men, this accessory is worth every dime of its over 100K price- a true companion in seeing the most amazing this world can offer.

Bvlgari Serpenti Tubogas

Our next piece is the ladies’ favorite- an amazing design that will turn heads with its glitter, style, and unusual styling. Extraordinary women deserve out-of-the-earth solutions when opting for accessories, and this one will add to your chic just impeccably.

Cartier Pasha Chronograph

This is not the common luxury watch, though, luxury watches seldom fall under that category. Carefully crafted to underline individual light mood and flirt, this piece is the go-to for leisure, travelling, and enjoying your time. Crafted from white gold, it is simply phenomenal- like the lucky ones opting for this choice.

What is your favorite choice of creative timewear? Let us know in the comments!