Redheads have something unique in their look. Icy blue eyes with fire red hair creates a beautiful mix of colours. Photographer Maja Topčagić explores this with her new series of photographs. Each features a beautiful young girl with bright red hair. The Bosnia and Herzegovina-based photographer takes a journey through the four seasons and we (as viewers) come along for the ride. Each photograph has a different effect as the seasons contrast or mix with the look of the models. Fall leaves fit perfectly with bright red hair as snow outlines the hair and eyes.

Talking about her process, Topčagić says she bases her photographs on what inspires her eyes. She sees the world as an artist and a mathematician. Mathematics, she says, is also an art. The photographs construct geometric lines and figures with the straightness of the model’s hair or their round blue eyes.

The effect is beautiful. The freckles on the model’s faces contrast against their pale skin and then lead our eye to the redness of the hair. The photographs feature common seasonal scenes, but the colouring of each is enchanting. It almost seems like the redheads lead the beauty of the seasons and that is the way it should be.