Reinvent dating Once a day

Feeling like dating is becoming a chore? Feel like it’s a full time job? Online dating can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you aren’t having much luck. Queue Once! A new dating app hitting the singles sphere. Here are 5 reasons you need to try this new innovative app, that wastes no time to finding you your ‘one’.

1. You only have to check the app Once a day

Focusing on quality over quantity, Once app pairs you with one possible suitor a day. Overall creating ease and time efficiency.

2. You have 24 hours to decide on your match of the day

Being a Londoner means being time deprived – every second counts here. That’s why Once is a perfect slow dating solution, where you get one match a day and don’t waste time on swiping your phone all evening.

3.  Only matches you with those of the same interests

Using a highly sophisticated AI technology, Once learns what kind of people you like and helps to match you only with the ones who could be the perfect fit, making it easier to meet ‘the one’.

4. Once is exclusively for those looking for something serious

When it comes to dating, less is more. Maybe one night stands are not as evil as some people want to portrait them, but that sort of dating strategy is so exhausting. Once is the only dating app where you can meet people looking for something serious!

5.  Catfishers be gone! 

After having met your match in person, Once encourages both parties to rate how the date went and the others profile picture accuracy. This is to create a secure and safe environment for those in the future.

So go on, download ONCE today – You never know where the day might take you!