Twenty-five years of marriage is a milestone wedding anniversary that deserves a special celebration. For many couples, the anniversary marks the growing of their special bond, even deeper than the love they felt on their wedding day, which is why it is so important to create a perfect day.

Also known as the silver anniversary, because silver is known for its radiance and brilliance, it is easy to use the colour as your base for any of the ideas you use to mark this grand occasion. Here are some amazing ideas:

Gifts with a touch of silver

Every anniversary deserves a material gift as a memento of the day. Some silver jewellery, like a pendant and earrings set for her and cufflinks for him. In fact, you can choose any gift you want and just wrap it in silver gift-wrap and ribbon. You can find more gift ideas at, or perhaps plan a vacation to a silver mine in Mexico, Poland, Bolivia, Turkey, Peru or Australia.

A memorable photo album with pictures highlighting the couple’s 25 years together, to include stories from children and friends as well can be organised online so that people who know them as a couple can contribute.

Family and friends reunion

A 25th wedding anniversary is a milestone achievement, and many couples wish to spend time with loved ones on the day. Yet holding a family and friends reunion can be needs careful planning and advance planning for invitations.

Include the couple in the planning so that they can input their wishes. This is not the time for a surprise party as you will need them to let you know contact details of friends and family that you might not have. If you want a surprise element, search online for an old friend they may have lost contact with, but would love to see again. Take responsibility for all the arrangements for travel and hotel for this surprise guest to make them feel extra special.

Your colour scheme is chosen for you on this anniversary, use silver for your table decorations, with the couples wedding photo in a large silver frame to sit on an easel at the entrance to the party venue.

If you want a pop of colour to have iris flowers in silver coloured vases, as the iris is the symbolic flower for a silver wedding indicating faith, hope, and wisdom as well as courage and admiration, an alternative is a rose named Sterling Silver which is a pretty soft pink colour. You can gift them the same rose bush that can be grown in their garden as a memory of the celebrations, with someone else doing the digging for the couple. On the main table, a silver-plated rose can be the centre-piece which can later be displayed at home.

Renewal of marriage vows

As part of a grand party, or as a separate event, the renewal of vows may be exactly what the couple wants. Whatever the couple’s decision to renew vows, the opportunity to have all their children participate in a ceremony where their parents demonstrate that they would do it all over again seems perfectly valid alone.

An intimate dinner for the couple

A grand party is not for every couple. They may prefer a romantic meal at a favourite restaurant alone or with their children and spend time over their anniversary year making efforts to meet with close relatives and friends to mark their wedding anniversary, to give personal thanks to all those who have helped them over the years.