David Murray is a designer and illustrator that in his most recent venture has reimagined movie characters, many of them villains, in designer clothing. He dresses figures like The Joker and the Riddler in designer spring collections like Burberry. The runway-style representation of the figures juxtapose the villainous expressions of the characters with the colorful and fancy look of the clothes. He gets many of the runway looks from collections published in Highsnobiety Magazine.

Murray was born in Ireland but is now based in London and publishes his work on his Tumblr and Instagram. He has often been referred to as an “anonymous figure to the internet” but his illustrations pop up all over. All his work is very colorful with a sketchy quality to it. His use of color is bold and fun and not many of his illustrations use only black and white. He uses a lot of shadows and details in his illustrations as well. In the past he has done prints with animals and illustrations of animals like frogs and birds. Most of his work, however, is based on fashion. He has posted illustrations that also have a runway look to them but feature models instead of movie characters.

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