Take a stroll through the commercial areas of Shoreditch and you can’t fail to notice the range of printed materials advertising what the business sells and the services they offer. These savvy business owners and corporate managers have no doubt utilised digital printing to make their marketing eye-catching.

There are several companies that do this and reputable ones like helloprint.co.uk can provide you with a full range of digital printing services to help you attract and retain customers and clients.

Although you could take a view a printed banner is a printed banner, marketing and sales is a numbers game. Printed digital media is part of pushing those numbers in your favour.

Consider the following scenario:

  • A potential customer sees your window banner and they have an interest in your offering. They are on their way to work and decide to look into it later.
  • On their way home, they see it again and they make a note of the website. You obviously would put this on all your marketing material.
  • Later after they’ve eaten, the kids are in bed, they visit your website and spend time browsing through your offering.
  • The next day they pop into your shop and buy your offering on their way home for work.
  • As you can see the initial banner makes the impact and caught the eye in the first instance.

Let’s look at another scenario.

  • You’re at a trade fair and you’re presenting your offering. It is packed with potential customers and clients.
  • Your stand is full of digitally printed branding. Visitors and any that pass by won’t forget your brand. Your marketing messages are being blasted out to all that can see them.
  • Because your savvy marketing is doing its job the right reps are initiating conversations
  • You have had the sense to create booklets, flyers, brochures and other printed marketing materials and put this into a ‘Welcome pack bundle’. You round this off by putting in your professionally designed business card.
  • After good, productive conversations you generate plenty of leads and in turn sales. This is in part to all of the printed materials you gave to prospective customers and clients, and all of the marketing messages you were blasting out during the event.

Another scenario:

  • You’re presenting your offering at a shopping centre.
  • You have flags showcasing your branding and your offering.
  • Your staff are wearing clothing with you your branding on it
  • You have brochures, flyers, and the product to demonstrate it
  • You engage potential customers with good sales teams
  • A few months times you start getting inquiries as the printed material is with the potential customer, providing a solid branding presence.

Printed Materials

The age of the printed material is still alive and well despite the digital takeover of the world. The better companies use digital technologies to create your printed material ensuring quality and sharpness. They can take any design and turn it into a powerful marketing tool, whether it be a banner, brochure, flyer, even a business card.

It there is one takeaway that holds true it is this: Good printed material can be the difference between making a sale and not making a sale.