Valeria Veneziani, born in Bari (Italy) grew up traveling and finds her inspiration in the big northern European cities where she lives for some time. Her project “Introspective” it is the journey inside a room and within the relationship between the photographed subject and his deepest intimacy. It is the discovery of the journey within oneself; the eye of the photographer does not want to seem hard and decisive and does not want to appear too much, almost like a way to narrate it from the outside and not an exchange, it is not really present: it is a moment of intimacy and discovery that should be there for each of us. Are the details that give life to the whole, the pale black and white, the choice of the out of focus trace a path of sober and elegant shapes that represent the knowledge and awareness of what one is, from the outside to the inside. Knowing oneself is important as accepting and loving oneself.