Streetwear style is continuing to make its way into mainstream fashion, particularly men’s street style. As designers continue to find more confidence in creating streetwear pieces, and learning how to integrate them into their existing brand, it’s becoming an exciting time for new styles and trends to emerge.

With that in mind, here are some of the most interesting men’s street style trends to look out for throughout 2019.

Cross-body bags

Handbags and other such bags were never really associated with men’s fashion, but as gender politics continues to be a topic of debate and progression, it’s clear that some styles are transcending gender and becoming more acceptable.

Cross-body bags are not only practical, but stylish too, and a new wave of the style is emerging across men’s fashion labels. They have been spotted on the catwalks recently, thanks to the likes of Kim Jones at Dior, and Virgil Abloh at Louis Vuitton, who both featured them in their latest collections.

Spotted and striped prints

Animal prints and other such patterns are everywhere in the female half of the fashion world; we have been reintroduced to leopard print in full force, with snake print and zebra prints also making an appearance. However, the same cannot be said for men’s clothing collections, and for a while it was seen as quite a daring concept for men’s fashion.

This is set to change; catwalks this year have featured leopard and zebra prints, particularly at Tom Ford and Bottega Veneta. This might signal a shift in what’s to come for men’s fashion trends through 2019.

Statement outerwear

On this year’s catwalks there has been an influx of luxurious coats that really make a visual impact. Designers have begun learning how to mix luxury with streetwear, meaning that outerwear is getting a new twist for 2019. Think smart overcoats with a hoodie underneath and trainers, instead of the usual parkas and puffers. Don’t get us wrong, those streetwear classics are still very much prevalent, but this offers an alternative style.

This also shows that streetwear has a place everywhere, no matter the occasion. Streetwear is quickly becoming something bigger than just a trend.


The ultimate cool style, the leather jacket, is something that has never really disappeared from the shelves. However, 2019 is bringing back a classic, retro feel to this timeless design, creating a statement look that maintains its casual edge. Perfectly worn with any staple streetwear styles, 70s-inspired leather jackets give a nod to the idea of upcycling. In other words, if your dad’s still got his leather jacket from his younger years, get your hands on it!

Casual tailoring

For a short while, suits appeared to disappear in favour of athleisure, but this year they’re coming back and merging with streetwear even more than before. Suits have been spotted with oversized, casual designs that are easier to wear and not quite as formal as previous styles. You can now choose a suit that can be worn with trainers, proving that even suits are adaptable to the changing fashion trends.

Utility style

Utility style clothing has been seen across both men and women’s catwalks, featuring a practical approach to dressing. Think features like D-rings, multiple pockets and zips and khaki colours, with layering being a prevalent style. This works across both genders easily, with cargo pants being a popular item, along with camouflage print.