Angélique Schmeinck, Dutch chef and food extraordinaire put on a fabulous show producing edible art for guests, at the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street.

Who knew ‘Edible Art’ was a ‘thing’?! I certainly didn’t, until witnessing the beauty and extravagance of such an event, performed by the immensely talented chef – Angélique Schmeinck, hosted at the grand Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street.

The event optimised the hotel’s impressively renowned ball room – 1901, along with a square centre piece counter top made of tiled plates, posing as Angélique’s canvas. With the help of 3 additional sous-chefs and a 360°view of the creation, we were able to witness the unique progress of how such a masterpiece of food could be created.

As for describing how the art was created… think syrup spatters, piped purees, swirls of sauces and flicks of painted mash! The event left me dumbfounded, on how such a wondrous and unique piece of art could be made purely from the fruits of the earth and sea. If this event hadn’t spurred people’s creative flow, I don’t know what would!

Unfortunately, Angélique was a guest star for one night only, however the Andaz never fails to disappoint, with a mastery of 6 various restaurants, catering to all delicate cuisines from sushi bar to traditional pub grub. I can only wish you good luck – you’ll be hours deliberating on where to eat!

Checking out the Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street is definitely one for the bucket list. Having just refurbished their main lobby area, inspired by a train journey through foreign lands, this art-deco sophisticated entrance is just an aspect of what’s to come whilst exploring the hotel.