Nearly half of Londoners have stopped using plastic cups and straws to be more eco-friendly, a study shows.

More than nine in ten (97%) of Londoners have made lifestyle changes for the planet. While over four in five (85%) are concerned about their carbon footprint and 94% consider the environment when they make any purchases or lifestyle choices.

Almost half (46%) of those surveyed said they were motivated equally to make lifestyle changes that saved them money or the planet. In a green map of Britain the independent research commissioned by Lightfoot showed that the South West, London and East Anglia have made the most lifestyle changes to benefit the environment, whereas residents in the North East have made the least.

The most commonly adopted green practices were recycling (70%) and eliminating plastic (43%). Over a third (34%) of British people are also making a conscious effort to cut down on their meat consumption for environmental reasons, and 35% have started using a reusable coffee cup.

Our driving behaviours play less on our minds, as although 38% of those surveyed said they try to drive less for the sake of the environment, only 37% make an effort to drive better and more smoothly.