You’ve seen them in movies and images, but you still might be wondering if people really do live in glass houses. The answer is a definite yes, and their homes are just as beautiful, elegant and edgy at once, as what we see in the movies.

You might think that a glass structure is only for commercial stores or business offices, and that it’s only used for the windows of a house, but for sure windows aren’t the only purpose for using glass in a house.

Blooming colorful flowers, gardens bursting with greenery, or a 360 degree oceanic picturesque view from a home are certain thoughts that pass through our minds when conjuring up the image of a glass house, but there are other benefits as well besides a view from every angle. So let’s tell you about those advantages right now.

Increase of aesthetic value

In real estate, the aesthetic value can be considered the central artistic, beautiful and favored features of a house, and glass houses offer this. While glass apartments, with amazing views, can often be found in a city, most glass houses are either in the country or overlooking a sea view, for example. This is why you will always also hear about ‘location’ which increases the value of a house.

The illusion of a bigger house

The natural surroundings of the location and the landscape tend to get incorporated into the home. This not only gives sheer beauty to the inside of the home, but gives the illusion that it’s bigger.


Do not let the delicate look of glass fool you. The glass used for houses is extremely durable and thick enough to withstand different weather conditions. The glass usually only breaks if its threshold has been met. Having said that, an emergency glass repair might be needed if, for example, an accidental or purposeful breakage happens. Companies specialized in installments might use methods such as heat tempering, heat strengthening, or chemical strengthening to increase durability.

Reduces electricity costs

By nature, glass is a good conductor of heat, which means using less heating during chilly days. This is especially true if the sun is shining since glass transmits up to 80% of available natural daylight. But even if it’s not sunny, as long as the glass is sealed strongly in place, you will be using less energy to heat your home.

Green benefits

Unlike many other materials used for a house or building construction, glass doesn’t produce harmful fumes. Alongside of that, glass waste can always be immediately recycled. Certain types of glass that are produced from sand and glass waste can even be repeatedly recycled.

We got so carried away with why having a glass home is a very intelligent and wise decision, that we have only brushed upon the sheer beauty it will give your home. Glass has the ability to make a structure look more stunning and sophisticated. It transmits light, adding extraordinary beauty to your home. Using glass opens up so many new possibilities and designs in your home that will, in all ways, have your house stand out from the crowd.