‘Movement of Colour’ focuses on each seven centres of spiritual power in the human body. Through the union of bodies and colour, the work explores mindfulness and self reflection. With each photograph a unique colour symbolising one of the 7 chakras within the body. By peeling back the image and removing any distraction the focus is amplified on the only two components within the image, colour and human form. Giving each image it’s own meditative focus.

Photographer and prosthetic artist duo BASTARD TURPIN is an image making partnership of Kai Bastard and Bill Turpin. Their projects exemplify an image’s ability to not only draw an audience’s attention, but tell a story, coax self-reflection, and inspire critical thinking.

The series is much more than a visual experience.” the artists’ explains. “Each image awakens the soul and allows the viewer to enter a trance like state of self reflection. Combining neon light to the photographs, bathes you in a spectrum of colour while the specialised breathing techniques that we have developed in combination with each image awakens that particular chakra and strengthening your connection and experience to the artwork and yourself.”

In association with E17 Art Trail, Creativity and Wellness Week in London, the series will be exhibited in June within ‘The Blitz Factory’ which is owned by the acclaimed God’s Own Junk Yard, ‘Movement of Colour’ is set to be an exhibition like no other. Held over 4 days across 3 weekends you will be bathed in a spectrum of neon light – submerging you fully into this exhibition.

In combination with the exhibition there will be 6 yoga classes held within the space that will allow you to become part of the exhibition.

BASTARD TURPIN have just released the “Movement of Colour” images as exclusive small print runs, as part of a Kickstarter campaign that will help support their exhibition.