As you prepare for summer, you need to pay careful attention to the outfits you wear. In the summer, it’s important to wear outfits that protect you from adverse effects of the sun while also wearing something that leaves room for comfort. Any long hot summer doesn’t have to alter your fashion statement, just be creative about it. Let’s consider five creative outfits you can’t afford not to buy for the summer from Tally Weijl. They are definitely the best you can rock during summer.

Blue Tropical Print Shorts

This outfit goes for any regular event and it is 100% cotton. So, you don’t have a problem with washing. While it has zip and buttons as fasteners, there is an elastic back waistband. Its topical print gives it an awesome blend with a blue inner top and/or white blazer.

Blue Tropical Blouse

Want to wear something made from lightweight fabric? Blue tropical blouse is good for you. It has short sleeves and the length is cropped to allow for comfort during long hot summer. The blend of color allows it to be worn on any style.

White Ribbed Bodysuit

White ribbed bodysuit is another outfit that fits smartly if what comforts you during summer is sleeveless and square neckline. You will find the color so befitting for any kind of short or skirt. The fabric is ribbed and it comes with printed long belt that can be unfastened. The choice is yours after all.

Pink Printed Bomber Jacket

What makes this clothing outstanding is the patterned leaves print. Also, if you are one who doesn’t like the idea of body exposure, this jacket is round necked and long sleeved. And if you also love to walk with hands in pocket, well, you are covered. It can be worn on anything. Thanks to its leaves print, imagine not having to worry about what to wear on your bodysuit.

Coral Dress

Coral dress is a mini dress that fits all occasion. Comfortably, you can wear it with a good printed jacket. No sleeves but thin straps and V-shaped neck that leave you comfortable all summer. The blend of 93% polyester and 7% elastane makes it adaptable with any body type.

The best experience awaits you this summer with amazing clothing offers. You can find as many creative outfits as possible with size guides at Tally Weijl.