A stunning Fleurs de Villes display set in the darling of London – Covent Garden.

Let the extravagance and elegance of the Fleurs Des Villes exhibition of floral dress designs, whisk you into a dream, alighting your olfactory and visual senses. Here to stay at Covent Garden’s Central Avenue until Sunday 19thMay 2019 – it’s a short standing exhibition, so be sure to take a peep while you can.

Fleurs De Villes showcases a catwalk of mannequin floral dress designs, created by the hosting city’s local florists, designers and nurseries, to create a masterpiece tastefully teasing every sense. Each florist was paired with a high-end luxury brand to design an outfit. Some of the brands included Kenzo, Tattinger, Brocket Hall Estate, Godiva and many others.

Each design subtly articulated their representing brand by aligning to colours of muted or bright hues, strong or lightly perfumed flowers and the flamboyance of the dress design. Some designs were inspired by the likes of Wicked and Mary Queen of Scots.

Situated in Covent Garden’s well-known chic and minimalist Central Avenue – the purest avenue you’ll find in London! With white painted walls, high ceiling and large shop windows only of the best, this was an ideal location to pose as a catwalk. This intimate event of vivacious colour neatly juxtaposed the white walls and discreet look, which only entrances you more.

Members of the public on the opening night were encouraged to vote for their favourite outfit design, for the chance to win the almighty prize tickets to Jardin Blanc at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, beginning next week. Fleurs de Villes will be showcasing their own floral art piece in the show, having styled another intricate mannequin masterpiece, created by WILDABOUT.

Come and see for yourself how Fleurs de Villes is kicking Covent Garden into Bloom.