Sometimes you just need some time for yourself. Whether it’s the stress from work or just the noise and fuss of a busy crowd, we have all felt the need for a little me-time. There are many avenues we pursue on this front, with music being a strong tool in helping us withdraw from the bustle of the rat race.

When it comes to total engagement, however, it is gaming which has been gaining the most steam over the recent years. Success on this front owes its progress to a few key developments such as the increase in battery life of smartphones and rechargeable reliability, improved connectivity, and increased processing power.

Not to be underestimated, something in the wide range of gaming possibilities could be just the fun you need to blow off a little steam and put a little more gas in the tank.

The Ubiquitous Choice

It’s not much of a gamble to say that you probably own a mobile phone. The humble little devices have come so far in recent years that they outpower the computers many of us grew up with – though hopefully, we’re not dating ourselves too badly with that comment.
Microsoft Announces Age Of Empires: Cast” (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames

This ubiquity and power make them a perfect fit for gaming engagement on the go. For longer sessions or just a few minutes, these systems will have something to offer, regardless of your tastes.

Puzzle fans, for example, can easily jump into crosswords, sudoku, or chess. Taking it a step further, fans of casino games also have new paths for unwinding. If you want to chill out with a slot machine but can’t find the time, then websites like Paddy Power have hundreds available, each exploring a different theme and offering a variety of mini-games that often involve skill, in addition to the classic slots gameplay. Mobile internet connectivity means you can accomplish this from anywhere, simply and quickly.

Dedicated Devices

The more traditional hardcore gamers among us probably ought to consider a dedicated gaming device. While pickings in this arena might not be as diverse as they once were, Nintendo still brings their A-game as they have for decades.

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Their newest console, the Switch, works as both an at-home console and a handheld system. With classics like Zelda and Mario already having hugely celebrated entries in this arena, owners of these devices don’t have to miss out on some of gaming’s longest standing series.

It should also be noted that there are options for gamers on more of a budget as well. Older devices like the Sony Vita and Nintendo DS line of systems are a lot cheaper than the Switch while still offering an incredible range of games which stand up to this day.

Finding the Time

As busy as we are, downtime is always part of life – or at least it should be. Rather than taking this time to worry and get frustrated, try to take a little time to yourself. Spending time catching your breath, even in small windows, can make a world of difference. Whether waiting for the bus or chilling out in your favourite coffee shop, have a little time to enjoy what gaming has to offer can pay dividends in getting away from the world.

Inspiration draws from the relaxed, and gaming might just find its way as your new muse.