When it comes to dating, science is probably the last thing you consider – it’s not very romantic to stop, scrutinise, and reduce your chances of finding the one down to data.

But that could be where you’re going wrong, research across the board indicates that we seriously need to re-think the modern approach to dating if we are actually going to find love.

Basically, science says mainstream dating apps don’t work. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Here’s why:

It comes down to trust. People who meet face to face compared to those who meet online tend not to establish that vital trust needed for a relationship.

This is bad news for most dating apps, but a serious opportunity for the online-meets-offline focused “The Inner Circle”. They have applied this research to develop an app that adheres to the demands of modern dating, while at the same time breaking all the conventional rules to deliver a service that works.They help members meet offline as soon as possible, giving users every chance possible to put down their phones and meet in real life.

Perhaps their smartest move was to focus on trust, and totally eliminate the possibility of catfish or fake profiles existing on the app. They have done this through a team of experts that check and verify each new member manually, so fraudsters and those with bad intentions are filtered out meaning members can use the platform confidently.    

But it’s the fundamental design of the app that really sets it apart. For example the ‘spots’ feature lets members see which bars or restaurants other users like to go to, making the step from online conversations to offline engagement as easy as possible. Not sure where to suggest for a date? Literally check their profile to see where they like to go, and suggest meeting them there for a drink, simple.

But they genuinely go so much further.

The Inner Circle makes dating incredibly easy by actually hosting events. These don’t include speed dating or awkward ice breakers, instead, they put on outrageous parties in cities all over the world every single month, meaning members can go out and literally swim in a sea of other singletons. It’s impossible to be ghosted, and the face-to-face meeting that science swears by means your chances of finding a date just skyrocketed.

Thank us for telling you about it, and thank them for being literal geniuses.

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