For all of the foodies out there, Shoreditch is undoubtedly a culinary paradise. A wonderland of bars and eateries, it offers the discerning diner everything from highbrow cuisine to authentic Vietnamese street food.

One thing it does particularly well is a fancy evening meal. As the creative hub of London’s East End, Shoreditch delights the senses in every way, and its eclectic dining scene is a big part of this. With menus full of gastronomic treats, it knows how to deliver some truly mouth-watering dishes.

Here are four of the best places for fine dining and fantastic food in the area.

La Petit Chef at TT Liquor

We all know that price is often a reflection of quality, so if you want to taste the best food in town, you’re going to have to splash the cash – and La Petit Chef is the place to do it. This immersive dining adventure encompasses six superb courses, each of them coming complete with a matching cocktail. Over the span of two amazing hours, you’ll travel all around the world courtesy of exotic cuisine, 3D mapping technology and a storytelling experience unlike any other.

The Hippodrome Casino

Located in nearby Leicester Square, the Hippodrome Casino is another spot we recommend Shoreditch residents pay a visit to. Offering a top-notch steakhouse for discerning diners, it was recently voted the Best Steak Restaurant in London, which is really saying something. Providing prime cuts with a selection of toppings, it also has plenty to occupy you post-dinner, from slot machines and table games to live entertainment. With this in mind, you may want to work on your poker face, blackjack skills and roulette knowledge before you go, so online casino from Betfair could come in handy. Giving you the chance to try everything from roulette to baccarat, it’s a great way to refine your skills before unleashing them in public.


Reasonably priced but serving up premier dishes nonetheless, Palatino is a culinary gem for those with a taste for the finer things in life. Offering a delicious menu made up of Roman-inspired dishes, it is headed up by renowned chef Stevie Parle. The food is fantastic across the board, but we would particularly recommend the mozzarella with white peach and basil for starters, and the grilled pork neck as a main. Don’t forget to order a couple of bottles of red to really recreate an authentic Italian dining experience.


If you’ve never tried Peruvian cuisine before, it’s undoubtedly time that changed, and Andina is the place to enjoy it in all of its glory. Coming from the same team responsible for Ceviche in Soho, it has focused on this little-known culture in the crafting of its menu, and it delivers some of the finest South American food you’ll find in London. With dishes that draw their inspiration from a mix of family cooking and street food, it’s a fabulous place for trying something new and delicious.

Tell us, the next time you’re organising an evening out, which of these restaurants will you choose to visit?