Whether you own a huge house or a small living space, designing and landscaping your backyard can be an enthralling yet overwhelming experience. Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t really need a huge chunk of investment or thousands of yards of space to create the garden of your dreams. All you need is the determination and the imagination to spark that creativity within yourself. A well designed and structured landscape is not only for beautification purposes but can also increase the net worth of your property. Here is a beginners guide to help you get started.

  1. Budget and Plan

Before you even step foot in the yard for garden landscaping, take a step back and research and plan accordingly. Browse over to Pinterest or other online platforms, and create a rough plan on what you want your landscape to look like. Research on the type of plants that you want to harvest that are appropriate for the weather conditions in your area, if you want yearlong plants, perhaps look into those. Once you have a rough idea on what you want, you need to look into the expenses, and budget accordingly. Head over to online gardening websites and local super stores to strike the best deals.

  1. Edge Flower Beds and Paths

Looking for a cost effective way to add structure and precision in your landscaping scheme? Edging is the answer. You can choose from a wide variety of rocks, stones and even wood. Edging also has several benefits, such as avoiding the growth of weed into your flower beds, making the area look organized overall plus you will never have to worry about mowing your plants accidentally in the process of mowing the lawn.


  1. Make Your Yard Eye Catching

When it comes to patio designs and backyard care, it all comes down to the smallest of details that make all the difference. An easy way of adding details to your yard is by making a small bed of stones around your trees and large plants, lamp posts or even your air conditioning unit. You can use the same pavers and stones that you used to line the edges. Plant flowers or small bushes to add greenery around it. If you want to camouflage your air conditioning unit, perhaps consider installing a small fence around it that are easily available on every gardening store. You can even line your gates and fences with small delicate vines to add to scenery and color.

  1. Keep Your Lawn Lush

Of course you could add all the details I just wrote, and it would still not do anything for your living space if your grass isn’t lush green and well kempt. Follow the gardening basics. Water your grass religiously, and mow the upper 1/3rd part every few weeks to keep it healthy and growing.

  1. Light Up the Space

Adding lighting to your gardening space at night will make your home more luxurious and ambient. There are a wide variety of water proof outdoor lights that you can choose from depending on the mood and scheme you are looking for. This is by far our most recommended tip for that perfect picturesque backyard.