Plume was inspired by a sculpture of famous French scultpor Rodin called Le Baiser. This masterpiece is  exposed at the Rodin Museum in Paris, and Steven took his team there so that they could see what he had in mind: to capture the same feeling, momentum and aesthetic but translate it into a levitating couple, and in movement. That is the vision: creating a sculpture in motion, light and elegant, like a visual poem.

Steven Briand specialises in high-end challenging visuals. Coming from the world of stop motion animation, (where his work for Proteigon gathered more than 6 Million views online), he now combines any kind of visual effects (VFX, SFX, CGI, 2D) to live action, to bring the impossible to life with a neat and elegant style that is both poetic and minimalist.

Finding the most compelling and emotive way to tell each and every story remains at the heart of Steven’s approach. This has lead him to develop an increasingly avant-garde aesthetic that challenges convention and pushes the boundary of what an audience expects. This is exemplified by his short film Shunpo, which saw him awarded a YDA at Cannes, and his popularity as a commercial director skyrocket.

As one can anticipate, creating something simple isn’t necessary easy. This is why Steven had to surround himself with some of the finest talents working in Paris today, in order to accomplish his new vision: Plume.