Travelling solo in the city is a great opportunity to see so many London sights that you want to see, such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. Whether it’s your first solo trip to the city or your tenth, it’s always important to stay safe when travelling alone. London is a busy place and it’s easy to get caught up in the crowds. So whether you are shopping on Oxford Street or taking a tour of the Tower of London, here are a few tips that you should consider when travelling alone in the city.

Make reservations & buy tickets in advance

If there are certain theatre shows or attractions that you want to see on your visit to London, then it’s important that you book tickets in advance. Many West End shows sell out fast but booking in advance can ensure that you have a ticket for what you want to see. After a theatre show, there are also plenty of restaurants to choose from for an after-show meal. Whether you are looking to dine out in Leicester Square or Covent Garden, be sure to book a table to avoid disappointment. Visit London also have a great guide to some of the top ten attractions you can visit in London during your stay.

Be extra careful with your money

When travelling alone it is wise to always make sure that your money is safe. When walking the streets of London or when travelling on the tube, always check that your money is safe and secure in your bag. It could also be useful to also keep some cash or cards away from your wallet, to ensure that you have some spare if you happen to lose it.

Consider how you will be travelling in the city

It may seem like a small factor to consider, but when travelling alone in London it can be useful to consider which transport you are going to use throughout the city. In London there are plenty of transport methods you can use from the underground to the DLR, to buses and taxis. Or you may want to just walk or even use a bike while your in the city too. It’s always best to make sure you have plenty of entertainment on your trip away too. There are many books, online casino games, podcasts, mobile apps, and more that can keep you entertained throughout your solo trip.

Visit exciting restaurants & coffee shops

Visiting London is not just about seeing museums, attractions, and theatre shows. It’s also an opportunity to visit a variety of exciting and creative eateries. Whether you are looking for a vegan cafe, a chinese restaurant, or a stylish bar, London has plenty of variety for you to choose from. Urban Barista and Taylor St Baristas are just a few interesting coffee shops to visit in East London during your stay.

Consider a Visitor Oyster Card

If you are only travelling to the city once, or you are planning to regularly visit, a Visitor Oyster Card is something that can help make travel so much easier for your solo trip. These travel smartcards are contactless and make it easier to hop on tubes or buses without needing to purchase a ticket. You can purchase one and it can be delivered to your home address so that you have it with you before you travel to the city. With regular use, keep checking your credit now and then to make sure that you have enough money on your card for your travel.