People consider difficult to trust in safety of online casinos. There are various reasons for this situation. Casinos work with gambling which is connected with dubious characters.

People don’t trust online casino because of past times. Past casinos used to feature pop up advertisements or suspicious redirects. Online advertising methods were completely different than today.

Starting from internet creation, there were different problems connected to viruses and scams. People who visited gambling and pornography sites were affected by different risks. Online casinos became mainstream in recent times but also brought risk to customers.

Online casinos emerge all the time and attract customers with a different offer. Some of them are shady and fraudulent and users cannot believe in complete safety.

There are also casinos which close its doors to users. Players can doubt in security of online casinos which just disappear without any notice.

How should you trust an online platform?

If you consider joining an online casino, make previous research. There are multiple ways to check the safety and credibility of the casino site. Casinos which enjoy reputation are Casumo, 888casino, and BetOnline and more another casinos .

German online casinos operate with foreign licenses and provide gamblers with excellent gambling experience. The only state which issues licenses to local casinos is Schleswig-Holstein.

New customers can also check reviews of previous users. However, you should be aware that online reviews usually come from a minority of users. From time to time, players can lose money because of the nature of the game which has nothing to do with casino fairness…

Some betting websites inform users about blacklisted sites. It can suggest you which casinos to avoid and which to trust. You can always continue with Google search and check the credibility of the casino platform. Have in mind that blacklists are not completely objective. Some providers could be safe but put on a blacklist because of several complaints…

What should I do when I believe that the casino is rigged?

From time to time, casino customers believe that games are rigged. If you continue with losing streaks all the time, there may be some problem. You can start disbelief in the functionality of a random number generator and similar.

First of all, you should know that all casino games are against customers. Some games appear with 50/50 winning odds like blackjack, craps or roulette. If you participate in blackjack chance and live dealer wins three times in a row, it could be weird. Have in mind that blackjack tables host more customers than you can ever imagine and those bad results could be real…

If you believe that casino game is rigged, make sure whether you have a bad luck. There is also a possibility to submit a complaint to the body which will examine casino activity. Some of leading sites like AskGamblers, Wizard of Odds and CasinoPlayersReport will investigate dubious sites and put them on the blacklist. Players can also report casinos to consumer protection agencies.