Anna Laurini has gained notoriety over the last few years as one of the most distinctive urban contemporary artists to burst onto the London and New York scene. Her process is dynamic and bold yet her underlying femininity permeates her prolific body of work. Inspired by Picasso and Matisse, Anna earned a fine art diploma at Central Saint Martins and attended life drawing at Art Student League, New York. Laurini’s iconic and distinctive signature profile is often seen painted on the streets of London mainly in Soho, Camden and Shoreditch. Since the nature and beauty of Street Art is so ephemeral; ‘Stillness Speaks’ exceptional exhibition gives the viewer an opportunity to see Laurini’s work in a more intimate setting within the gallery space.

Anna Laurini paints bold lines and curves in a rapid style, urban but clear almost as if she is painting ideograms. The ideogram of identity, of the soul. With few details but a bright and brilliant colour palette the mysterious faces are like urban sphinxes seen through the cement, asphalt and traffic lights of the city. They look at you, quiet, silent: Laurini’s faces look inside you and remind you of who you are. Those looks recall the depths of the self, of the identities that are diluted in the cities in the multitudes.

Installed in The Old Bank Vault Main Gallery Hall, ‘Stillness Speaks’ is a collection of original work created on variety of medium from vintage book pages and music sheets gathered over travels, to paintings on kitchen cupboards doors, hoardings, everything in synergy (accordance) with the artist’s insatiable desire to paint wherever, whenever on whatever she can.


Anna Laurini

Stillness Speaks

13th September – 27th October

The Old Bank Vault