Proposing has always been a tricky proposition (excuse the pun). There’s the buying of the ring, the flowers, what to wear for that special occasion – and possibly most important where the event will take place. When London is the city where the proposal will take place, the choice can become even more daunting. A mistake, when faced with such a wealth of romantic venues, might very well be unforgivable.

So to make the task a little less daunting, here are some settings that have stood the test of time.

If you want to dig deep into your pockets a proposal package from the Sky Garden in London is the way to go. Included is a limousine ride to the Sky Garden (which boasts exceptional views over the Thames) and dinner prepared by the head chef in a private dining room. In addition (in case that was not enough) is a private helicopter tour of the city. At 8,000 pounds it’s expensive – but can you put a price on everlasting love?

If you are not averse to the glaring of curious onlookers then head for Piccadilly Circus when planning to pop the question. The statue of Eros, the Greek God of love on top of the Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain will hopefully smile down on your professions of undying love and longing for matrimonial bliss.

The London Eye is one of the most visible of landmarks in the city – and they have a perfect setting for you to go down on bended knee with a ring in your hand. The ‘Eye’ as is affectionately known offers a ‘Valentine’s Cupid Capsule’ which will transport you (in absolute privacy) to heights where the full majesty of this vibrant city can be appreciated. At this giddy altitude, you can pop the Champagne that comes with the package, tuck into the supplied truffles and present the love of your life with the red rose that is thoughtfully part of the deal.

For another venue that boasts spectacular views over the city visit ‘Hutong at The Shard’. This restaurant oozes luxury with an interior decor that is simply breathtaking. The service is impeccable and the menu is fabulous – with the Cantonese dim sum requiring special mention. Match the sparkle of the ring with a bottle of top-flight champagne such as the Dom Perignon P2 (it’s 900 pounds – but there are more wallet-friendly options available). 

When it comes to selecting a venue to ask one of life’s most important questions no list would be complete without mention of The Ritz. This Michelin Star restaurant is so incredibly opulent it takes one’s breath away. As far as ‘special occasion’ venues are concerned The Ritz is hard to beat. Waiters in tails take orders for such delights as the ‘poached langoustine with pickled fennel served on a bed of crushed broad beans and verbena’. Flambéed Crepe Suzette’s are a must for a romantic conclusion of the meal.

London is just about the perfect city to make a marriage proposal. It has a wealth of history, culture and some of the finest dining in the world. These are only a few choices – do your investigations – and make sure that the moment will last in memory for many years to come.

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