Engineers are among the most sought-after specialists who are needed everywhere to invent, design and improve something. In most cases, they do design, trial tests, make the description of the manufacturing process, and are responsible for operation and repair. If necessary, they participate in scientific research.

Engineering professions are the most popular professions of highly qualified labor. They work in almost any industrial field — from foodstuffs and consumer goods to complex computers and space rockets. A modern engineer is a specialist with high culture and a good knowledge of modern technology, economy, and production organization, who is able to use engineering methods in solving engineering problems.

Of course, they are very well paid professionals. Which of them provide the highest salary? While an average junior web developer salary is $59,035, I will tell you about the top 5 highest-paying engineering jobs in 2019.

1 Petroleum Engineer

Average salary: $128,230

A petroleum engineer is a qualified specialist who works in oil and gas fields, determines the initial volume of hydrocarbon reserves in the opening fields and methods of their further operation. The sphere of professional activity unites several directions, among which product optimization, direct work on technical and industrial aspects of drilling.

He creates conditions for the maximum field development by:

  • analysis of natural resources reserves;
  • assessment of economically efficient and safe reservoir development methods;
  • choice of methods of extraction of minerals taking into account possible physical behavior of oil and gas deposits and water during the production process;
  • determination of specific conditions of extraction (properties and nature of the rock, pressure);
  • calculation of operational costs;
  • restoration of the territory upon completion of drilling operations.

2 Aerospace Engineer

Average salary: $109,650

An aerospace engineer is the main link in the complex structure of the space industry. The success of the mission, life, and health of astronauts completely depends on him.

This specialist develops new structures and mechanisms. He embodies the most daring dreams of mankind, bringing together in a single picture the efforts of the work of various experts in the industry.

Today, space equipment solves not so many military tasks as practical ones. Satellites are the basis for GPS, for maps and photography, for meteorological observations and cellular communications.

The engineer of spacecraft and systems is engaged in:

  • design, manufacture, testing, and commissioning of spacecraft and systems (satellites, spacecraft, launch vehicles, etc.);
  • building the equipment for spacecraft flight control.

3 Computer / Hardware Engineer

Average salary: $102,280

Computer engineers develop computer systems for complex technical tasks of all kinds. They create computer networks and ensure their smooth operation, program technical applications or implement information systems for communication and data transfer.

Also, they develop automation and communication systems. The specialist programs, optimizes and controls automated industrial processes and develops individual solutions that are not available on the market in the required form. Computer engineers set up networks and servers of companies, monitor and manage them as system administrators, organize communications and data flows or develop databases.

In the software field, they develop, for example, operating systems or adapt operating systems to the respective corporate organizational structures. They are also responsible for analyzing, controlling and monitoring these systems. In addition, computer engineers assist customers in selecting and adapting hardware and software systems, installing them in the field and training users.

4 Software Engineer

Average salary: $100,080

Software engineering is a field of computer science and technology, which is engaged in the creation of complex software systems. Knowledge of programming is a prerequisite for becoming a software engineer. But not only.

A software engineer creates reliable tools (programs, applications) which solve not only the existing problem but also the future tasks – the ones which are not yet set, are not even known about but will appear sometime later as a consequence.

He or she should know all the leading programs and solutions, be able to analyze the situation and predict its development, design complex systems and objects, be able to communicate with them in the language of numbers, using modern technologies (data clouds and lakes, the Internet of Things, and much more).

5 Chemical Engineer

Average salary: $98,340

A chemical engineer is a specialist related to the science of properties, the structure of substances, methods, and means of rational chemical processing of raw materials, semi-finished products, and industrial wastes. He is engaged in the development of new technologies in the production of chemical products, improve existing ones, control samples of raw materials and finished products.

The duties of a chemical engineer include:

  • study of the substance, its properties, compounds during the experiments (chemical synthesis, analysis), physicochemical analysis, processing of their results;
  • development and creation of materials and products with new chemical qualities, properties, and structure;
  • chemical examination of the quality of substances and their use;
  • development and research of new medicines and biologically active substances;
  • technological control over chemical processes in serial production and production of raw materials, materials and substances on an industrial scale;
  • research in the field of environmental protection, quality control of waste and emissions, their storage and utilization.

As you can see, engineering jobs require high qualification and expertise. However, it is a great chance to get a highly-paying job and boost a career. Why not consider this career opportunity in 2019?