Whether you are searching for a forever home or thinking about adding to a property portfolio, there are many things you can consider if you are wanting to buy a property outright which does not need many repairs. Some people are always happy to invest in a fixer-upper but other’s like to know that they can just move straight in and start living there. From herringbone wood floor to a new extension, here are some of the best high-quality home improvements you should be on the hunt for when you are searching for a new property to buy.

Recent Changes to the Kitchen or Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two of the highest valued rooms in the home and they can often dictate how much a property is actually valued at. If you are looking to buy a property, the kitchen and the bathrooms should be the first place you look at. Many homeowners choose to renovate these rooms before they sell so you could very easily find a property with a brand-new suite ready for you to use.

Is the cabinetry in good working order? Do all of the fittings and fixtures look new and clean? You also need to pay special attention to things like grouting as this is one of the places where a kitchen or bathroom can quickly look grubby. You can have a seemingly brand new and beautiful bathroom, but some badly laid grouting can attract black mould which quickly makes things seem unpleasant. Of all the rooms in a house, these are some of the ones which need the most critical eye.


Living space so often dictates how much a home sells for, so you should always look into houses for sales with extensions if you are keen to find somewhere with plenty of space. One of the trickiest to judge is the lift extension. It might add another bedroom and potentially a bathroom to the space but what are you sacrificing in terms of storage? Many people underestimate just how much they actually need their attic until they no longer have it. If there is no adequate storage elsewhere in the house, you should be cautious about buying a property with a converted attic.

One extension which is always welcome is an extension to the kitchen. This can open up a narrow back to a property and create a true centre to the home. Whether this a move to make all of the living area downstairs open-plan or just to squeeze a bit more space into the kitchen, there is plenty of ways an extension can be used to add more living space to a home.

Wood Floors

Flooring trends change all the time, but you still can’t beat a good quality wood floor. A herringbone wood floor is one of those designs which are truly timeless. If you have a home with a well-maintained wood floor, then you can know that you are on to a winner.

Wood floors are one of the best design choices you can make for your home as they are surprisingly easy to take for while still looking stylish. They are the best choice for any type of home and can fit in with any number of design styles. Whether you are choosing a real wood floor or just something which looks like wood to be a bit more affordable, there are plenty of options out there for you to pursue.

This is also a great option if you want to help keep a room looking neutral and fresh. Carpets come in all different colours and one might not look good with a major colour change if you decide you want to redecorate the room. However, wood floors help to keep things neutral and add a little warmth to any room they are put in.

Technology Integration

We are moving into an era of smart homes and technology at our fingertips at every turn. If you are searching for a high-quality home improvement within a home, then technology integration might be just what you are looking for. There are several improvements you can chase down which add a special something to a property.

They can be as simple as underfloor heating in the kitchen and bathrooms. It is still considered a luxury but there are many people who love to include this in their home design plans. Other little luxuries include automatically opening blinds and lights which can turn on and off at the press of a button. These devices are often connected to Wi-Fi so you can control everything in your house from your phone.

When you include all of these beside devices you might bring with you like home assistants or a smart fridge and you could very easily find yourself actually living in a house of the future. Technology is only going to improve and make our lives even easier. With some careful innovations and a little forward thinking, it should be incredibly easy for you to not just buy a home with plenty of gadgets in place, but also buy a home with the capabilities for even more to be added in as needs be.

Doesn’t Always Need Work

Some people just don’t want to live in a building site when they buy a new home. It is entirely understandable and there are plenty of properties out there which will allow you to just move straight in. However, you should pay attention to the improvements the previous homeowners have made. Many people choose to make their home as good as possible before they sell and you can take advantage to get your hands on an awesome property from the get-go.

Think about some of the items on this list next time you are looking at properties. You might be surprised to find out what you could get with a property in terms of innovation if you are willing to take the time to look for it.

Image: Pixabay