Whether you intend to upscale your house to increase resale value unto market requirements or are just looking to renovate a few areas of your house here and there, updating your houses interior can be exhilarating and tiresome. It’s definitely not cheap and you do need to budget and prioritize according to your needs. That being said, you don’t need to hire a contractor for every single renovation you need around the house.

 Here are a few ways to redesign your living space interiors that truly add value to your property without any major wall breaks on a budget.

  1. Aim for an Open House Plan Even When It’s not

And how to do it, you might ask? Well removing bulkier and heavy furnishings and painting your rooms to a dull ivory or white makes the space appear wider than it actually is. Another way of doing this is by carefully arranging mirrors around your house that can create the illusion of a larger living space. For already roomy spaces that lack proper lights, placing your mirror right across the natural source of light in the room can instantly add more depth to the space. Not only this, mirrors can serve as an excellent décor piece on your blank accent wall, adding that wow factor to your space.

  1. Invest In Solid Wood Flooring

This is one thing on the list that is certainly not cheap, but will add as a value added edition to your property in the long term. Solid wood flooring is stunning and sophisticated, they also provide a nice rustic finish to a room (and house), whether it’s a formal sitting or your own bedroom. Wooden floors are the ideal balance between modern sophistication and timeless elegance. You can choose from a variety of wood types such as oak, hickory for high traffic areas, and soft pine for less used rooms. 

  1. Mix and Match with a Variety of Textures and Designs

There is absolutely nothing wrong with placing that old oak wood couch you have had for years with a modern contemporary décor. In fact, using old and timeless pieces along with your modern interior setup will only add to the rustic appeal. It is said that a house should truly reflect your personality and lifestyle, and when it comes to colors, textures and furniture designs, so don’t hesitate in using your most cherished pieces around the house.

  1. Install Stylish Storage

Want to increase your storage options and renovate at the same time? The answer is smart storage! The market is flooded with stylish storage options that add a modern contemporary appeal to your living space while adding storage space. Floating shelves, stylish baskets and wall bound cabinets camouflaged by a mirrored surface are some of the options to look out for.

  1. Update Your Cabinetry

It’s the little things that matter. Paying attention to small details such as worn out cabinets, broken handles and door knobs should be replaced and maintained. Just the small details can leave a huge impact on your overall interior look.