Traveling by your own car brings much more emotions and impressions than traveling by any other transport. The car must be prepared, and we will tell you how to make this preparation:

Wash the car

This will help assess and inspect the condition of the coating for cracks, scratches, chips. At the same time, inspect the vehicle for leaks of working fluids – leaks indicate the presence of a breakdown and the need for the repair.

Carry out a general inspection of the car

Check if electrical appliances and sensors are working. Check the battery (if the terminals are dirty, they must be cleaned). Old spark plugs should be replaced. Check the condition of the dipped and main beam headlamps. Put  them into right and comfortable position.

Check the level of working fluids and oil

Check the level of brake fluid, antifreeze, windshield washer, as well as engine oil level. If 1-2 thousand kilometers are left before the planned oil change, it is better to change it before departure.

Diagnose the car at the service station

You should always check your car at the service station,because professionals will be able to inspect your car on a deepper level, check the suspension of the car, and conduct a complete diagnostic.

Check the wheels, balance

Inspect the tires for defects – scuffs. Check the tire pressure, and bring it to the recommended by the manufacturer level (check and also inflate the spare tire). There should be no cracks or chips on the discs.

Adjust the alignment

Adjusting the alignment, as well as balancing, affects the handling of the car.
Check the vehicle equipment: The standard list should be supplemented with those spare parts that may fail in your car during the trip (for example, a timing belt, a set of candles) and at least one liter of engine oil. Do not forget about the complete set of the first-aid kit and the fire extinguisher. Here you can fine high-quality tools on site.

It is advisable to carry out work on the technical preparation of the car one to two weeks before departure – this will allow to detect and fix all the flaws in time, while preparing your car for a road trip you dream of.