Living life as a student is not easy. If you thought that it’s all about the parties and the fun, you were deeply mistaken. No matter where you’re studying or what you’re trying to become, the process will require a lot from you. Thankfully, technology has given student a great deal of help when it comes to studying. From dissertation writing services to apps you can download on your phone, there’s quite a lot you can use in terms of technology to make your life easier.

1.  Evernote

Notes are an enormous part of a student’s life. To do them properly and use them well, you need a certain set of note-taking skills. This has nothing to do with your writing assignment skills or your schedule. You can be the best at organizing, but note taking requires quite the skill, speed, and practice.

To help you write and organize notes, there’s an app for it. Evernote is the most popular app among students in terms of note-taking. It lets you take written notes and auto recordings, make checklists, add links and attachments, and organize all your notes in a single schedule.

If you know how handy notes can be when you study or turn into an essay or dissertation writer for a task that’s due the next day, you’ll definitely want to download this app.

2.  Dragon Anywhere

As a student, you’ll be writing constantly. This can be exhausting even if you have the time to do it. To help you out, download the Dragon Anywhere app. With it, you can dictate your content and have it recorded in audio or text file, as well as edited through voice commands. This lets you put your words into written content faster and without the hassle of taking notes or writing endlessly.

This app can be synchronized with apps like Evernote, which makes the two a great combination. Dictate your notes and easily transport them to your Evernote account to organize them.

3.  Grammarly

Grammarly is by far one of the best apps for fixing your essays and other papers. Those spelling checkers in your writing programs do a great job, but this isn’t sufficient for a flawless paper.

When I don’t have time for my dissertation, I write my dissertation at the UK Edubirdie where writers help me meet the deadline. But, if you have the time to write the papers, you will need a helpful tool like Grammarly to perfect it before sending it out.

Grammarly has plenty of features you can use. You can detect the hardly noticeable grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. The app will point out to style and word choice errors and give you tips and fresh ideas. The algorithms it uses flags all potential issues in your test and gives you specific corrections for wordiness, style, spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation. And lastly, it helps you avoid plagiarism at all costs, which is extremely important for you as a student.

4.  Exam Countdown Lite

The name of the app tells you exactly what you’ll be getting. This app is perfect to use throughout your study years. We all think we know how far away the exams are before they actually come. When they do, students realize that they can’t meet deadlines and aren’t ready for the examinations.

This is why a handy and simple app like this one is very helpful. It has an extremely simplified interface that lets you log every upcoming exam with date and time. Once you do, Exam Countdown Lite will count you down to the hard period in months, weeks, days, and minutes. This should help you organize your schedule, and definitely help you get the motivation you need to stop procrastinating and start learning.

Studying ahead is the best thing you can do for your time, but also your health. To avoid all those late sleepless nights spent on trying to learn everything before an exam, organize your time with the help of this app.

5.  Adobescan

All those books are hard to organize, especially when you have to take notes and study hundreds of pages within days. If you’re tired poring over the rusty books in the library and taking notes, you need the free Adobescan app. Yes, technology has most of the data you need in an online format, but you’ll often be required to use printed sources too, not to mention that there’s a lot that hasn’t been converted in an online format even today.

The scan is a free scanning app provided by Adobe and uses your camera to catch the document’s copy and convert it into a PDF file. You can see its preview option to optimize the dimensions, as well as crop, edit, and rotate as you please.

This app can also be integrated with other apps by Adobe, which lets you work collaboratively with others, as well as edit and annotate your scanned data. If you choose the free option, you’ll enjoy a handful of free tools, but if you really like it, you can get the in-app subscription that costs less than $10 per month and will give you a huge set of additional features to use.


Have you set your mind on the first app you’ll be downloading today? These five apps are the most useful apps for college students today and are surely to make your life easier. If your college days are hard and you want a helping hand, just get an app and speed up most of the processes that took all of your time.