London’s borough of Hackney is revealed as the most popular trending location over the past year, followed by Exeter and Glasgow

New data released today has ranked the locations with the biggest increases in interest for students finding accommodation in 2019, with London’s Hackney revealed as the location with the biggest surge in popularity for students over the past year, according to student accommodation search engine,

The data, which looked at location searches for student accommodation across the UK and Ireland over the past two years, found that Hackney had a 177% surge in interest. The data comes as no surprise with the borough, boasting trendy hotspots Shoreditch and Hoxton, growing as a cultural hub- enticing students with art, food and nightlife.

The cathedral city of Exeter takes second place with a significant 102% increase in interest since 2018. This is closely followed by Scotland’s second largest city, Glasgow, with an 82% increase.

The data has been released amidst an increase in the range of accommodation offered to students across the UK and Ireland. As student lifestyles and needs change, the website has seen an increase in students looking to find accommodation and areas to live that suit a range of lifestyles, tastes and needs.

Top 10 locations with largest YoY increase in popularity for student living:


Search increase YoY

1. Hackney


2. Exeter


3. Glasgow


4. Dublin


5. Kensington and Chelsea


6. Norwich


7. Nottingham


8. Southampton


9. Belfast


10. Greenwich