This Edmonton band created in late 2015 is influenced by the roots of the blues and pure rock and roll that will make you feel nostalgic for bands who play unapologetic rock and roll. ‘Slant Six’ has come out of Edmonton, Alberta and are made up of band members Sacha Hubert on Vocals Chris Pigeot on Drums, Dallas Heal on Bass, Will Markstrom on rhythm Guitar and Lujack Shaw on the lead Guitar! Their music is influenced by the roots of the blues and the love of rock and roll. I can feel multi-layers of colourful rock and roll influence running through these tunes. Did they down several glasses of neat Jack Daniels before tuning their guitars and then give the audience what they want full throttle? You can bet they did! This is the music of greasy leather jackets and trousers covered in engine oil. Slant Six combines a Wild West Cowboy attitude meets Motorhead’s rock and roll down and dirty with just a hint of Grunge and I suspect a love of Jimi Hendrix is also part of the musical influence that makes up some of the lifeblood running through this bands list of influences. Their latest release ‘Flashes of Life’ has been plucked freshly from the band’s second album ‘Amnesia which shows the evolution of the band with their newer line-up.

The music on this album helps bring awareness to mental health. This is a very important subject to approach and for sure many people will be more likely to listen to these important messages in a rock song than in any other media. This is the type of music that will encourage men, in particular, to talk about their mental health and how they are feeling. Slant Six is encouraging this important dialogue with ‘Amnesia’ and I applaud them for it.

Look out for the Slant Six Canadian tour in March 2020 dates and cites soon to be announced.