For those who are yet to get into the Christmas spirit, don’t worry, as new research reveals 5th December is the date when the nation officially starts to feel festive.

A survey of 1,000 UK adults, carried out by Christmas Tree World, the UK’s leading retailer of artificial Christmas trees, has revealed that the majority (52%) of Brits are on countdown to Christmas from this date.

When asked about what marks the start of the Christmas season, the majority of those polled (51%) said that it was the task of putting up their Christmas tree, with 32% of respondents claiming that it was starting their Christmas shopping for gifts.

A third of us (31%) said that seeing an iconic Christmas advert for the first time symbolises Christmas for them, while 24% said it was when they sit down to wrap their presents for family and friends.

A quarter (25%) of respondents cited visiting the Christmas Markets as the main sign the festive season is upon us – a tradition that has gained popularity in recent years.

For the Northern Irish, the festive feeling has been prevalent 26th September, while over a quarter (26%) of residents in the North East admitted to not feeling festive until the week before Christmas.