Popcity UK is a top rated dance competition that is now in its 5th year. In January 2020, it returns to London with the finals taking place at Shoreditch Town Hall. It’s an exciting time for fans of Hip Hop as world famous artists compete with the best that the UK scene has to offer.

The Popcity event is presented by Fiya House, an inspirational collective of London based dance artists. The group has been heavily involved in the global Hip Hop scene since 2012. It’s joining forces with the town hall team to bring a truly memorable event to Shoreditch.

Lead up to the event

The competition itself takes place on 25 January 2020. However, events are taking place in the weeks leading up to the big day. These events include a training workshop by Hip Hop pioneers.

Anyone who is interested in watching or taking part in street dance can attend the Popcity event. Dancers can compete, share knowledge and attend any of the several workshops that are planned. It’s a celebration of street dance that is open to all.

Wider audience on live stream

Live streaming has become a major feature of everyone’s online life recently. Mass streaming of Premier League football has just taken place for the first time. Gaming companies like NetEnt are streaming live casino play to improve their customer experience as reported here. Online gaming enthusiasts are also live streaming their play, using platforms such as Twitch.

The organisers of Popcity are embracing this popularity of live stream by streaming the main battle live, using Instagram Live. This will open up this part of the event to a much wider audience.

Trip to Asia for winners

The winners of the final of Popcity UK have an opportunity to represent the UK at the Popcity Finals which take place in East Asia, in December 2020. For the last four years, the representatives from the UK have come first or second in these finals.

Now, the members of Fiya House are encouraging the next generation of talented dancers to take part in the competition. Doing so gives them an opportunity to show the world what they can do. They also have the chance to learn from huge names on the Hip Hip scene. The hope is that this new talent will progress to impress the judges on the world stage.

Popcity is one of the biggest Hip Hop events in the UK. Anyone who has a love of dance should get to the event in the coming weeks. It’s a great opportunity to see some of the best Hip Hop dancers in the UK perform, accompanied by the talents of some of the most amazing DJs around. For Hip Hop enthusiasts, it’s an event that is not to be missed.