Celebrities ooze cool, elegance and humour. When they are not filming Hollywood blockbusters, rocking out on stage or winning awards, they are probably sunning themselves on a private yacht, eating at the Michelin Star restaurants or probably spending their money. Celebrities are known to be reckless big spenders on everything from collecting vintage cars, buying luxury homes or making crazy bets on their favourite slot machines.

Well, not exactly all of them.

Many celebrities have a hidden hobby that not many people know about. Some of them are pretty nerdy, and you’ll be surprised at the supposedly ice-cool stars who are more like the rest of us. Here are some of the best celebrities with some unexpected hobbies people do not know about.

  1. Johnny Depp and His Barbies

Johnny Depp has a vast collection of figurines, and that includes many Barbie dolls, including versions of Paris Hilton, Beyoncé and more. It has been reported that he does play with these dolls alone to help him get into character for upcoming roles, as well as playing with them to bond with his kids. So more regular and even a little bit of genius rather than strange, wouldn’t you agree?

  1. Paris Hilton and Frog Hunting

Speaking of Paris Hilton, this world-famous socialite has a lot of free time due to her extraordinary wealth. So, can we really blame her for trying some peculiar hobbies? With so much free time, Paris has been enjoying frog hunting. It should also be known that Paris does release the frogs after she catches them, showing us her soft side once again.

  1. Vin Diesel and His Nerdy Hobby

Vin Diesel is an image of masculinity and a real tough guy. This is why he has been the perfect fit for roles in Fast and Furious. However, his spare time is not just filled up with pumping iron and shooting whiskeys. In fact, he enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons instead. He has been a fan and player since around 1970 and even has character names tattooed on his torso.

  1. Mike Tyson and His Avery

When you think of Mike Tyson, you may think of his ability to pummel opponents in the ring, his humour, or maybe even that face tattoo. Fewer people will think of pigeon racing. This boxing star is passionate about them and races them frequently, even endorsing younger generations to get involved. You can usually catch him attending an annual pigeon pageant in California.

  1. Angelina Jolie and Her Weapons

Angelina Jolie never used to be the face of charities and UN meetings. This lady was once a wild individual with frequent drug tests on Tomb Raider sets. She may have morphed into an elegant and sophisticated woman, but some of her previous passions have stuck around – and that includes collecting daggers. Apparently, she now uses them to teach her son about violence.

Were you expecting that?