There are plenty of fun things to do on a weekend, especially when you have your friends with you. Having said this, there are times when spending the night in is a better solution, because of financial and time constraints. The good news is that under the right circumstances and with the right ideas, a girls’ night in can be quite exciting. As long as like-minded individuals are together and are given the opportunity to spend some quality time, all they need is some good ideas to have tremendous fun.

Movies, wine and sweets – A match made in heaven

Contrary to popular belief, people don’t need amazing things to be truly happy and money is not always of the essence. A fun girls’ night in doesn’t require much either and what begins as a quiet movie night can turn into a riot. The prospect of watching a good movie together with a group of friends is always appealing and this idea has the advantage of being easy to pitch. You don’t need a lot of time, high levels of energy and proper planning to set up a movie night, so this is a great starting point.

When girls gather around to watch a good movie, a few bottles of wine will definitely come in handy. There’s no better way to watch a film than by sipping from a glass of wine and taking as many breaks as needed for chitchat. Wine is a great catalyst for conversation and it is guaranteed to spice up even the dullest evenings. Before, during and after the move, this magical elixir will get everyone in the mood for conversation and fun.

Forbidden pleasures are the ones that linger in our minds longer than pretty much everything else. The prospect of eating sweets late at night is more appealing than most people would admit. While it is not recommended to indulge in this form of recreation often, this is an excellent idea for a girls’ night in. Chocolate, bonbons and pretty much any other types of sweet will convince the guests to stay far longer than intended, while making the party more enjoyable.

Turn the heat up a notch with games

A girls’ night in doesn’t have to end prematurely, right after the movie or the dinner have ended. The best way to keep the girls around is to play some games, as these are guaranteed to get anyone fully immersed into the atmosphere. You can try social games such as bingo if there are enough people around, as they are easy to learn and quite entertaining. Pretty much everyone knows the rules and they are so simple anyway, that it’s worth teaching them right on the spot.

Let’s not forget about the possibility of playing online games, since everyone has a smartphone or tablet nowadays. Bingo games on the best online bingo sites are once again of an alternative to play online, even when the girls are together. You hit two birds with one stone, by being surrounded by friends, while meeting new people over the Internet in a friendly and secure environment.