Accessories complete an outfit to show the world who you are. When looking for fashionable accessories for the birthday of a woman in your life, look for accessories that will finish off her outfit to make it look beautiful, or choose an accessory that is not only beautiful but also adds usefulness in her life too. For those influencing and following trends new accessories can be incorporated into their style, so consider what she already wears. Accessories in bold, vivid colours are on-trend, along with complementary tones and exciting patterns that were seen on the Spring/Summer 2020 catwalks.


Statement necklace

It is a truth universally known that an outfit is not complete without a stunning piece of jewellery. Bold necklaces are back in fashion, on both delicate and oversized chains which make them perfect for those looking for great wife birthday gifts. These statement pieces are a simple way to tie an outfit together, particularly if you gift a necklace and earring set. Even women who like the classic look will enjoy a bold coloured yet delicate necklace or earrings.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings have made a big comeback that can lift a plain outfit or life a favourite ensemble. Designs can be simple hoops or embellished with, with pearls, patterns, or other embellishments, looking best for those who wear their hair behind the ears, in a ponytail or in a bun. If she doesn’t wear her hair up, bold coloured earrings are much more visible.

Charm bracelet

Not every woman likes to wear bracelets, but for the woman who does and who you want in your life forever, a charm bracelet allows you to add charms to mark any occasion that you wish, from birthdays, anniversaries or “just because I love you”.

Hats and headbands

Bucket Hats

The effortless style of a bucket at not only looks good but provides great protection from the sun’s rays. A perfect gift for her birthday if she’s off on a relaxing summer break on the beach. This season’s colours are bold or consider charcoal or white if she has a more classic style. Animal prints are also on-trend, so consider a leopard or snakeskin print that are surprisingly versatile options.

Padded Headbands

For those who don’t usually wear hats, a headband can turn every bad hair day into a good one. A padded headband in velvet looks great even with no embellishment. Headbands can sit at the centre of the head as a piece of fabulous décor, covered in embellishments, or can be a more everyday accessory to push hair back from the face.


We all use bags, and you will surely find something that she will love both for looks and practicality.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags can hold everything and still look stylish. Never really out of fashion, there are now even more designs to choose from, with Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags that she will want to keep forever.  Challenge her with a bag in blue, pink or orange hue that will add some fun and make her outfit pop.

Mini Pouch on Your Bag

This seasons trend, as seen on the catwalks, is to have two bags. One is a mini pouch, like a coin purse to carry lipstick or spare earrings, which is attached to a handbag. These coin purses act as excellent options for extra storage. Choose traditional or avant-garde shades to complement her outfit. Certainly, multicolour bags are fashionable and can look like modern works of art.

Soft Clutches

A soft clutch, which looks like a pillow, is the bag of the season. They are easy to carry and hold a lot, making them perfect for maximalist fashionistas. Choose from traditional tan, black or white or have fund with bolder colours like purple, green, or red that look great for both formal and informal occasions.