Charisma Campaign works to empower and influence change through creative, wellbeing and sustainable solutions internationally. Through access to curated products, spaces and events we encourage sustainability and wellness promote diversity and culture and facilitate empowerment activities. The organisation works to bridge the gap between skills and knowledge that prevent both women, marginalised groups, and communities from excelling in their respective fields. Through both professional and personal development workshops and events Charisma Campaign brings together a community of passionate people interested in making change and input in the world around them.

G: What did inspire you to start Charisma Campaign? 

Through previous work with women and girls I was challenged to create a platform that sustainably engaged with relevant issues facing women and being involved in innovations and dialogues that helped to tackle some of these issues. Some of our earliest projects involved working to support victims of acid attack which led us to the empowerment element of the organisation where we work to empower our community building confidence and presenting opportunities.

G: How did you converted your passion into a community project?

Converting my passion into a community project has never been a challenge because from a very young age I have always been committed to serving my community and the world around me. From the my early teens  of around 13 I was already involved in youth parliament and  served as a young advisor to my local council and  have since chaired many boards over the years as well as led several campaigns.

Converting my passion into a community project has therefore never been my main challenge, but more of how all my activities and input in my community and world beyond  balanced out with my personal life and other career commitment which has very much proved difficult but which I have also developed ways of managing over the years.

G: What were the biggest obstacles launching Charisma Campaign and how did you overcome them?

One of the biggest challenges that I faced setting up Charisma Campaign is being able to mobilise all the resources and financial support needed to make the organisation viable. Most funding often goes to bigger organisations and there have been times I have held fundraisers as well as created a model where our activities such as events support our wider community initiatives which goes a long way because everyone who is always involved is supporting in someway.

G: What 3 pieces of advice would you give to the people who want to change the world, but not sure how or where to start ?

I always get questions about how I started Charisma Campaign and my career in International development. However, my response about changing the world is always been starting with the community and people in your sphere of contact. Sometimes it is not always possible to touch or change the whole world but touching the world around you is always the best place to start. We also need to think about how we can create change within ourselves and undoing bad patterns and habits is one of the ways we can ensure that we show up to the world that we live in bringing our very best selves.

Another question I always ask is why? Why do you want to follow this path? It is important to get your priorities right. Some people want to do certain stuff because it sounds glamorous or “cool” but the qualities of empathy and kindness  and doing stuff because it has to be done not because of recognition or knowing sometimes no recognition will not follow your actions but you did it any way to meet a need  are all questions you need to ask and find out if you are alright with.

G: How much time do you spend on  running Charisma Campaign, how do you manage your work life and running this organisation at the same time? 

I spend a lot of time on Charisma Campaign! I think because I have been balancing several hats from quite a young age in my work life I find  myself getting on with the process and managing it the same way as I did when I was once a student and had to manage several other community initiatives. I  ensure everything that is needed to be done is done accordingly and at the right time.

G: How do you promote your project? What’s your advice for upcoming social activists, how to spread the word about their projects?

Social Media is one of the main ways.

G: Have you had any mentors or role models that have influenced you?

I have always admired Michelle Obama, I mean who would not ? For me she represents a certain calibre of woman “there really is not that many of  in our world today or are not so much highlighted by the media. I think having a woman who owns her smartness , beauty and class with a bit of that South Side swag does feel encouraging for me to own mine as well as South East London girl!

G: Who/what are your favorite CEOs/Businesses in Shoreditch or East London?

I very much love Shoreditch it is one of my favourite places in London. It is always buzzing with some great start-ups and business which Charisma Campaign has worked with and collaborated with in the past as a result I can’t mention any otherwise I would be bias and receive some sad face emails ☹

G: What do you want to achieve in the next few years’ time?

WOAH! I am a planner so there are endless stuff I am always trying to keep on top off. But I am also learning to allow those ideas and  goals to evolve and bring in new opportunities that is not always mapped our with it. And also If I did spill the beans now you would not invite me back for another interview because I would have said everything.