Home is where the heart it. It is a sacred place which one calls his. It is a place where one wants to rest and find happiness. Everyone wants to decorate their house in the best manner possible. And at the same time, we wish to find items that will enhance the aesthetics of the house but at the same time add a unique touch to it.

I am a Ghanaian by birth and heart, but living in UK just like many other immigrants for the purpose of better lifestyle. Aside from sending money to Ghana to support my family, I often look for ways to decorate my house. One of my compatriots advised me to buy these crafts from UK locally:


Adinkra is a piece of fabric that has some symbols written on it. These symbols and the piece of fabric, both are known as the Adinkra. There are a number of different symbols and each one of them has its own meaning and context. Adinkra can be used in a number of different ways. You can use it as a wall hanging or use it as a table cover.


Beads are widely associated with the African culture. They symbolize status, prosperity, wealth and happiness. They come in many color and design variations. They can be placed in a bowl as a center piece and you can also make hangings and other decorative items from it.

Ceramics And Potteries:

Ceramics and potteries are popular yet delicate items. Ceramics also come in a number of forms and shapes. They are decorative items that can also be used for some purpose. Bowls, pots and vases are a great addition to any kitchen. Most of these pots and ceramics are handmade and hand painted. Therefore, they have a unique and attractive style and are very popular as decorative items in kitchens and also in living and dining rooms.


If you are looking for a bright and colorful addition for your house, you should opt for a Kente. A Kente is also a fabric that is woven by hand. The entire process to make and design a Kente is completed by hand and is a very tedious and time taking task. Therefore, it is a comparatively expensive artifact but it is surely worth the price.

Wood Carvings:

Wood Carvings are also available in UK therefore a lot of crafts and decorative items feature wood. These are a great representation of the local Ghana culture and at the same time have different meanings and interpretations as well. You can opt for any style of carving that suits your taste.

Soon, I have a plan to invite my parents to visit me. It is my wish to surprise them after decorating my house with all these crafts. After all, our rich culture is something that distinguishes us from the rest.