Lockdown has given the UK’s top chefs the time to do a lot of cooking at home, and we’re loving watching them share their expertise and skills with us on social media.

Adam Handling has developed some fabulous, easy to make recipes, including his famous cheese doughnuts; ‘good mood’ crispy chicken (just what we need right now) and possibly the best bread and butter pudding ever.

They’re now available free, complete with step by step videos presented by Adam, on his website https://www.adamhandling.co.uk/recipes/  as well as on Adam’s Instagram and twitter.

He’s adding new dishes and videos each week, all of which make the most of any leftovers we may have around the house, reflecting his ongoing commitment to food sustainability.

Up now is Baby Back Ribs with Asian Slaw, Bread and Butter Pudding, Cheese Doughnuts, Good Mood Crispy Chicken, Lamb Hotpot, Leftover Crème Brulee and Pavlova, Sausage Casserole, Toad in the Hole and Waterfall Beef.  A good mix of familiar, comfort food prepared in Adam’s distinctive style, and zingy soon-to-be favourites.