The world is growing increasingly common on digital marketing, but the reality is that offline marketing methods are still reliable, practical, and should form the cornerstone of any business’ successful marketing program.

Marketing by mail, particularly, is still highly cost effective while offering businesses a huge amount of reach. It’s essential, however, that a business understands the importance of choosing the right envelopes – the design chosen can say more about a business than many understand.

Simply browsing a specialist online printer such as can show the multitude of options available when it comes to making a marketing promotion shine. Whatever the nature of the mail shot, it’s essential that the brand is properly presented.

Brand presentation

There’s no doubt that a positive brand image is of the utmost importance to every business for a variety of reasons. The brand is the business identity encapsulated into an essence, an idea, and it gives people an understanding of what the business is all about in the space of a few seconds. Businesses, quite rightly, put a great amount of effort into developing and building their brand. Having a brand is not enough; however, it must be maintained and complimented at every single opportunity.

An example of this is when choosing the right colour schemes and designs for the envelopes used in the mail shot. Colour is an integral part of the brand’s perception and recognisability, so therefore it follows it’s equally important to ensure that the colours used in the envelope’s design either match the brand colour scheme, or compliment and link to it somehow.

A recipient needs to know at first sight who that letter has been sent from – they need to know before reading a word, simply down to the choices of colour and the designs used. That is the sign that a brand has truly taken hold, and is becoming immediately identifiable.

Increasing opening rate

Aside from improving brand identity, choosing the correct colour scheme and design can also increase the opening rate too. Many recipients don’t even bother opening certain marketing materials they get sent, because they’re so uninspired that they don’t think they’re going to be missing out on anything. Sending a mail in a dynamic, exciting, attention grabbing envelope on the other hand can make sure that recipient knows it’s in their interest to open it and read what’s inside.

It ties back directly to the concept of brand image – if a recipient knows they’re getting a piece of mail from a business they know, appreciate, and use regularly, they are more inclined to open it to see what’s contained.

Mail marketing still works amazingly well, provided the proper envelope choices are made.