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Finding a nice bar or pub to enjoy a few cocktails and not to pay a fortune for it is a real challenge for students. They adore having fun in pubs, but not all of them have a lot of money to spend on it. If you have similar problems, the following information is for you. Find out more about the good pubs, gather your friends and visit them.

George IV

It’s located near the London School of Economics, that’s why this pub is always full of people. In addition to the fact that the prices here are quite affordable, the interior design will surely be to your taste. The menu contains lots of drinks and food, and a vegetarian option is also available.

Drink, Shop, Do

The main slogan of this place is “Cafe by day, bar by night, fun things to do!”. It was founded in 2009 as a pop-up shop and became Drink, Shop, Do in 2010. Aesthetes may enjoy the amazing atmosphere of this place. If you want to learn something new, you may book a table and join various activities.

The White Hart

If you’re looking for a good pub, The White Hard is surely worth visiting. Here you can enjoy fresh homemade food. The staff never serves fast food. If you feel homesick, you should visit this place, and it’ll remind your home atmosphere. You should learn to find time for yourself. Various services, such as EssayPro, may help you to free some time in your schedule. Some people may question its credibility and ask, “Is EssayPro legit?”, but you may read reviews and not worry about it.

The Four Quarters

It’s a cheap retro pub that’s focused on retro arcade games. If you like to dive into the amazing atmosphere of the past and try to play some games, you should visit it. By the way, this bar is the one and only authentic bar in London. If none of your friends are interested in it, go there on your own, and you’ll surely find like-minded people.

The Roxy

Roxy is one of the most famous lounge bars in London. Modern interior and the abundance of cool neon signs are the environments all students adore. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the nightlife live it up to the full. Have a student ID with you to get the discounts.

The beauty of being a student is the possibility to go party with your friends. Learn how to prioritize. Remember that you may always find assistance in custom writing service. Leave them a message like “do my math homework”, take your friends, and have fun in one of these pubs.