Made in Shoreditch Magazine – unique lifestyle magazine celebrating the iconic status of Shoreditch as Europe’s centre of Innovation and Creativity. We cover stories about Innovation & Creativity  in Fashion & Style, Arts & Culture, Tech, Fine Dining and Nightlife in Shoreditch and outside Shoreditch. Shoreditch is one of the most vibrant and innovative areas in the world. People love Shoreditch for its alternative fashion, innovative arts, buzzing digital startups, unique independent shops and the crazy party culture. Innovation & Creativity are the key words defining Shoreditch, they just stick everything together. Therefore the stories on Made in Shoreditch Magazine will reflect these sparkles of Innovation & Creativity in Style, Arts & Culture, Tech, Fine Dining and Nightlife in Shoreditch and will cover similar developments around the world. Issue II

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Giedrius IvanauskasGiedrius Ivanauskas    

Founder / Editor in Chief Giedrius is the founder of Made in Shoreditch Magazine, the director of ibimidi – communications agency in Shoreditch and the editor of Social Media Citizens. Just a happy and proactive person.




– Mahum Masood

– Souleyman Messalti

– Erlap Von Kortach

– Salim Jawad

– Tom Paull Maya

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 Joelle Cruz

Made Local™ Founder and Creative Director As founder of Made Local™ (Made in Palo Alto, Made in San Jose) Joelle brings over 20 years of experience in delivering innovative design and brand strategy. He is best known for his success in building honest and trusting relationships and delivering the highest quality products possible.

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