Giedrius Ivanauskas

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Startup Interviews: LOOKK Co-Founder & CEO Tamas Locher

LOOKK connects designers directly with consumers, using the power of an open social network. It provide tools for designers to promote, produce and retail their products worldwide, so they can gain exposure and build their brand. In doing so, LOOKK creates a transparent and truly engaging process for an audience of discerning shoppers, fashion-lovers and industry experts, and the means to influence the success of upcoming fashion designers....
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Startup Interviews: Brat and Suzie Owner Polly Vickery

Polly Vickery attended the London College of Fashion, where she studied styling and photography. Later, she worked at Agent Provocateur, and after becoming 'sick of wearing the same pink dress everyday', decided to get back into fashion and move away from retail. She soon began working for a few high street suppliers, before later moving on to River Island, and eventually, starting her own label with her sister, Brat and Suzie, which was recently featured on the popular television series, Dragon's Den....
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Startups in Shoreditch: Invoiceberry CEO Uwe Dreissigacker

Uwe started his first business as a hobby when he was 14 years old, and his first successful national business at the age of 16 - an online gaming company which had at its peak over 300,000 players. As well, as a spin-off, he created an online advertisement company which boasted over 1 billion ad impressions per month within one year, and created revenues in excess of half a million Euros. After moving to London, he decided to take a break and concentrate on completing his Bachelor in Entrepreneurship before he started his newest venture, Invoiceberry, a simple, fast and effortless invoicing service for small businesses....