Mahum Masood

Everything Is Ending Project

Barcelona based graphic designers 3DN, Javier Jabalera, Pol Trias and Julia Rosich embarked on this graphic intervention, as they called it, back in 2012 entitl...

Fantastic Fashion Label Foods!

These days we all strive to have the best in designer gear from handbags to wallpaper but Swedish photographer Linus Morales, who works in advertising and fashi...

The Before I Die Project

  As Londoners we live life in the fast lane. We are fast paced consumers who get caught up in the thrill of the next trend simply because. If someone p...

Mahum Masood

Social Media Executive/ Contributor at Made In Shoreditch. Journalism graduate from City University. Film junkie, bookworm and absorber of all culture I can find.

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