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No longer does printable food mean making stamps out of a potato. Now a German company are putting 3D printing technology to good use by designing food which is safer for elderly people to eat.

While most of us take the ability to eat food without choking for granted, for many elderly people it can be quite dangerous. If food crumbs end up on their lungs it can cause all kinds of complications. This can turn every meal at best into a challenge, at worst into a medical problem.

Enter Bizoon, who are developing crumbless food which can be shaped and coloured to look just like the real thing. The idea of 3D printing food has been expressed before, but their plan is to make tasty, safe food so that meals become a source of enjoyment again, rather than anxiety.

The product is called seneoPro and should be available for 3D printers this year. If it’s an affordable alternative, it might be worth the cost as elderly people literally put their money where their mouth is.


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Dining in Shoreditch: Interview with Berry Casey Owner Of Hache Burgers Wed, 09 Apr 2014 00:42:49 +0000  

Shoreditch 4

G: Tell us about Haché Burgers.

Back in 2004 our kids; twin girls, a middle girl and a son were bemoaning the fact that there was nowhere they could eat out in our area which offered high quality food at reasonable prices, in a pleasant setting. Suzie, my wife/partner, had a clear vision of what she wanted in terms of the Haché brand; chandeliers, big mirrors, fairy lights, in effect a restaurant where our daughters could feel just as much at ease as their meat-loving boyfriends. I’ve loved quality burgers all my life, so I concentrated on sourcing the highest quality of everything on our menu. Suzie got her way with the décor.

G: Why did you choose Shoreditch for the new restaurant?

We’ve had our eyes on Shoreditch for years. We’re still a family run business and we could never seem to find anywhere which came within our budget, until we came across this site in Curtain Road. We’re a little off the beaten track in Curtain Road, but we’ve been really welcomed in our first year here, and it’s now great to feel very much part of Shoreditch.

Berry 2 small

G: What is unique about Haché Burgers?

From the start, we knew we had to be different, and continually innovative to survive in an industry where big money was behind so many of the high number of restaurant concepts which were springing up at the time. We avoided the ‘laddish’ approach to burgers, and decided to create an environment very different from any other burger concept. It was a bit of a risk. Fortunately, the Guardian and Time-Out gave us glowing reviews and later in the year, we received the Time Out Best Burger Award which had a great ‘knock-on’ effect for the business.

G: How do you select the menu for the restaurants?

A new Chef’s Special recipe is created every month. Everyone is invited to the tasting sessions and to submit their ideas. Some of these new dishes have worked so well they have found their way onto our permanent menu. While this is not the easiest way to run a business, it keeps everyone interested; both FOH and the kitchen staff.

G: What would you say has been your most memorable experience while developing the restaurants?

Restaurants can be a precarious sector to be working in, and there can be some pretty steep learning curves. We once had a head chef who walked out on Friday night. He was unable to handle the upsurge in business following our good reviews. One highlight was definitely winning Time Out’s Best Burger award in our first year; to see the high standards we had set ourselves recognized, the ‘knock on’ effect that had, and I guess the relief in seeing the concept being working in our second site, Chelsea. For a small company it’s amazing to have such an international profile; especially in France. We are, at the end of the day in business to bring pleasure to people, and it can be a buzz seeing customers enjoying themselves in the Haché environment.

Social links:

Twitter: @HacheBurgers



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Dining in Shoreditch: Interview with Neil Borthwick Head Chef and Co-owner Of Merchants Tavern Sun, 06 Apr 2014 00:56:00 +0000 Merchants Tavern

G: Tell us about Merchants Tavern.

After having worked with other people for 18 years, I knew that the next step in my career was to become head chef and do my own thing. Working my great team of business partners on Merchants Tavern has turned a dream into a reality.

G: What is unique about the restaurant?

Our aim has simply been to create a relaxed environment where people can enjoy great food. Patrick Clayton Malone, my business partner, has done a fantastic job on the design and I think that together we have provided a great eating experience that impresses diners while making them feel at home. I think nowadays, eating out is about the whole experience – not just good food but a good atmosphere too.

Merchants Tavern

G: Why did you choose to open it in Shoreditch?

It’s where I live, and so it makes sense to stick to what you know. Shoreditch has been increasing in popularity for restaurants with a more relaxed atmosphere. Merchants Tavern fits in well with this. It proves that there are some great dishes to be found in East London.

G: How do you select the menu for the restaurant?

My menu is based on seasonality – I don’t really know how else to cool. I like simplicity and I think it is extremely important to use the freshest ingredients at the right time. It’s the reason our menu changes so often.


G: What would you say has been your most memorable experience while developing the restaurant?

Writing my first menu and watching everything else coming together has been fantastic. I’m proud to be part of such a strong team here.

Social links:

Twitter: @merchantstavern


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Trapeze Bar Opens Its Doors Mon, 31 Mar 2014 11:00:42 +0000 On Thursday night, we saw the opening of East London’s newest edition, Trapeze bar, dressed in faded circus glamour, with multi-coloured ropes and hoops draping from the ceiling. Trapeze bar, promises to amuse you with in-week entertainment, treating you good folks to evening musical quizzes, live music and nights of sexy and seductive burlesque, along with flash circus performances designed to astonish! Early April will see the opening of the downstairs club, housing London’s finest DJs, where it’s all about how loud the music can get and how long your legs party!


IMG_0031 IMG_0030



Photography by Nyla Sammons  -

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Interview With Rolando Cardenas Founder Of KANKUN Mon, 24 Mar 2014 02:15:00 +0000 JonathanRossITV

Tell us about your business, what do you do?

As Business Director at KANKUN® I help boost the popularity of Mexican food and bring a vision of Mexico to the UK. I’m also responsible for developing new products and recipes and promoting KANKUN® products to our target market.

To represent my brand – KANKUN®- I become the infamous KANKUN® Luchador who has played a major part in our growth in the UK. Travelling up and down the country to promote Latin American food, the KANKUN® Luchador has appeared at various events in Shoreditch, the Edinburgh Festival and other events.

The KANKUN® Luchador has been nominated for Business Personality of the Year at the LUKAS Awards 2014. Cast your vote at

What inspires you?

I am proud of my Mexican heritage and passionate about Mexican food. I want to share the great flavours and charm of Mexico with the world by bringing authentic Mexican foods to dining tables across the world. KANKUN® is the start of this dream. A secret family recipe mixed with my passion for vibrant and flamboyant Mexican wrestling, KANKUN® encapsulates my childhood in a bottle.

What is unique about KANKUN®?

KANKUN® is the closest you’ll get to an authentic home-made Mexican sauce. Each sauce has its own distinctive personality, from a zesty mild sauce, through a smoky marinade, to an extremely hot pure habanero chilli. These sauces unleash your inner Luchador.

Question 6

What has been your most memorable experience while developing your business?

Developing a project from scratch is challenging and exciting. I meet many interesting people and participate in great events. The people in Shoreditch, in particular, have given KANKUN® Sauce a very warm welcome.

I met Mischa Barton at the launch of this magazine. I also met Jonathan Ross at one of the Lucha Britannia events. I have many other memorable experiences that I call “kankun-virgin memorable experiences”: the first bottle I produced, the first bottle I sold, the first time I saw my sauces in a shop for sale. But, the most amazing experience is to see people enjoying my sauces and wearing KANKUN® masks at events.

Question 1

What has been your greatest success to date?

Replicating my granny’s recipe at an industrial level. To launch a product that is gluten free and free from additives has been enormously satisfying.

What’s next for KANKUN®?

I want to see KANKUN® Sauce on the shelves of every food shop and in the cupboard of every kitchen in the UK. Our reach is expanding and we’re excited about the rest of 2014.

Mischa Barton

What do you like about Shoreditch?

Shoreditch is awesome. The creativity and energy of this place makes it outstanding. Every time we are in the area we get a pleasant surprise. There is so much talent and diversity.

What I like the most is the entrepreneurial vibe. It’s like being in a wrestling ring – you have to expect the unexpected.

What are your favourite places in Shoreditch?

Places in Shoreditch have a great personality and offer something completely different to the West End. If I am hungry, I like Lupita East or Barrio East. For exercise, I go to Lucha Britannia wrestling lessons on Mondays and Tuesdays. If I fancy a drink I go to Boho Mexica, Hoxton Pony or Happiness Forgets.

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Brits Will Spend An Average Of 113 Days Of Their Lives Just Snacking Fri, 21 Mar 2014 13:20:03 +0000 unnamed (1)

Brits will spend an average of 113 days of their lives just SNACKING, new figures show, rising to a staggering 2.5 years for one in ten adults. From sweet treats like chocolate and biscuits to healthier options like fruit and seeds, research shows we really are a nation of snack addicts. The study by online food marketplace also paints a revealing picture of the country’s munching habits. For instance, men snack more often and have less healthy tastes, Geordies are most likely to treat themselves in the middle of the night and those in the north west are, perhaps surprisingly, the biggest fruit eaters.

Quick bites are the most popular in the afternoons and evenings with nearly three in ten (27 per cent) snack between 1-5pm and a further 23 per cent are most likely to tuck in between 5-9pm. Men are the most frequent snackers with eight per cent snacking six times a day or more compared to half as many (4 per cent) of women, said the survey of 1,000 adults by Yumbles.

One in three (34 per cent) of those in the north west say fruit is their most common choice of treat – the highest of any region. This compares, for example, to just 15 per cent of those in the south west who are the nation’s chocoholics with 30 per cent naming the sweet treat as their favourite snack, the highest figure in Britain. Other figures show that nibblers in the north east are nuts about nuts and most likely to have a snack around 5am and those in East Anglia are the biggest serial eaters of cereal! It takes, on average, around three minutes to eat a snack leading to a lifetime total of 113 days spent on dipping into treats between meals. But for 10 per cent who eat more often, and for longer, it adds up to a staggering 910 days of their lives spent snacking.

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Dog Cafe, The Happiness of Hounds, Set To Open This Year Wed, 19 Mar 2014 10:03:51 +0000  


Just as we were getting over the excitement of a cat café opening in Shoreditch (not really) we get the news that a similar place for dog lovers is on the horizon!

The Happiness of Hounds is the brainchild of Kristjan Byfield and his wife Hayley. They initially wanted to open a dog pound, but instead settled for a café, as it was too expensive.

Kristjan will fund the cafe personally for now but some crowd funding may be needed in the future. The husband and wife team are hoping to find a location within Shoreditch or Hoxton.  The hunt for the venue is ongoing but as retail space is in high demand they may initially open with pop up spaces while a permanent venue is found

As opposed to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium there will be no permanent dogs instead it will allow owners to bring their dogs to the canine friendly café to hang out and grab a bite to eat.Of course those without dogs are welcome to come and play with the pooches too. There will also be an area of the café dedicated to grooming and the selling of dog food/accessories as well as a special menu especially for the pampered pooches.

They are also looking for volunteers to help with the launch so be sure to check them out on Facebook or Twitter for more info.

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The Blues Kitchen Is Opening In Shoreditch This Spring Sat, 15 Mar 2014 02:30:39 +0000  image001

London-based bar and restaurant collection The Columbo Group would like to announce the forthcoming opening of The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch. Located on Curtain Road, on the site formerly inhabited by Bar Music Hall, the new opening is scheduled to launch in May 2014, and will be an East London sibling to the original Blues Kitchen which opened in Camden in 2009.

The Blues Kitchen will offer Texan BBQ, live music seven nights a week, and showcase one of the biggest bourbon selections in the UK. Housed within a vast converted Victorian warehouse across two levels, The Blues Kitchen will be able to accommodate up to 500 across a spacious diner, two bars, dance floor, stage and private events space.

The Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch will be the first and only venue in London to serve Crate Brewery on draught, which is brewed locally in Hackney Wick. Perhaps only for the most adventurous amongst us, the Blues Kitchen will also stock Snake Venom, the world’s strongest beer at 67.5%. Other bottled beers include Dixie, Camden Pale Ale, Kona Big Wave Golden Ale and Brooklyn Lager.

The new site, located in the heart of Shoreditch’s bustling strip, is an expansive industrial space, comprising of multiple areas all designed for drinking, dining and dancing, and all differing in style. Upon arrival, guests will be met by an imposing rectangular central island bar, from which you will be able to order drinks, or enjoy a more casual counter dining experience. To the left an elevated level will host a series of giant booths, including one large high roller booth, accommodating up to 20. A stage and dance floor takes up the right hand side of the area whilst the back of the space will be inhabited by a vintage, 1950s silver Airstream caravan, cut in half which guests will be able to hire out, or use as a VIP drinks area. Further party space and dining is available in the venues basement.

]]> 0 The Top Four Places In Shoreditch to Celebrate British Pie Week! Thu, 06 Mar 2014 16:17:35 +0000  



Just when we thought we had survived the gluttony that comes with Pancake Day another reason to loosen the belts turns up. It’s British Pie Week! The ultimate comfort food will be celebrated till Sunday so take a peek at our list and treat yourself for making it to the end of the week. Or at least the end of the day.


Pieminister – Boxpark, 2-4 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6GY

Pieminister have many branches around the UK but be sure to check out their mini shop at the oh so cool Boxpark. Serving up beef, free range chicken, vegetarian and even venison pies they have been a hit with shoppers. You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home as they can be ordered online too.

Canteen London  -  2 Crispin Place, Spitalfields, E1 6DW

The folks at Canteen are the experts when it comes to good, honest British food cooked on site daily without any shortcuts.They serve up everything from up luxurious lattes to sumptuous steak, all of which are sourced nationally. Most importantly though are their pies. The fillings change on a daily basis, although the menu does guarantee a meat as well as vegetarian option, but the fish pie is a permanent fixture on the menu and absolutely heavenly.

The Water Poet – 9-11 Folgate St, London E1 6BX

To celebrate British Pie Week The WP has launched an exclusive pie menu with sweet potato and rabbit pies as well as traditional beef pies. They will be hosting a pop up shop with Timothy Wilkes of Timmy’s Pie’s fame, as well as a competition for diners to create their own pie filling. Whoever wins will then be able to take a box of pies with their own exclusive filling home! The fun doesn’t stop there, as they will also be offering rewards for those able to eat their way through the entire Pie Week menu.

Square Pie –Spitfire Gate, 105c Commercial St, E1 6BG

Square Pie is dedicated to making pies and pies alone and boy do they know how to make a mean pie. To celebrate they have added a Sunday roast pie to the menu – Sunday roast plus all the trimmings in a neat little pastry package.The menu has something for everyone’s tastes as well as plenty of sides for a hearty meal and low calorie options too. If we had to pick a favourite it would definitely have to be Square Pie as its’ like a little slice of home in busy Spitalfields, oh so very cozy and comforting.

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Grub Pop-up Restaurant Opens Giving Londoners A Taste Of Insect Revolution Wed, 05 Mar 2014 10:34:23 +0000

Wednesday 4th March – Saturday 8th March at Monikers in Hoxton Square


Healthy, sustainable and delicious, let Grub convert you to the insect revolution. Grub are leading the way for the next generation of foodies and trend-setters by incorporating insects into flavoursome dishes that not only taste great but also pack a serious protein punch. To try it first hand, visit the Grub pop-up restaurant, sponsored by Chang, which will be taking over Monikers in Hoxton Squarefor four days, kicking off on Wednesday 5th March 2014. Tantalise your taste buds and come on a journey of discovery with Grub’s insect inspired Thai street food feast – even the most sceptical will be converted.

Suppliers of premium, edible insects, Grub are bringing tasty and nutritional dishes to British plates. Guests will be treated to a seven course experience of traditional, and every ticket comes with a free bottle of Chang Beer or a glass of wine.

Chang Beer’s unique blend of ingredients complements the crispiness of the batter, the saltiness of the soya and sweet chill of the dipping sauce. Full bodied with light citrus notes, Chang Beer is the ideal accompaniment to Grub’s authentic Asian food with a twist. There will be two seatings each night, 6-8pm and 8:30-10:30pm, and tickets are £36.50 each and. To bag a ticket visit or for more information on Grub go to

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