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Tell us about Clutch, what did inspire you to start it?

Well, we always wanted to have our own restaurant, we love fried chicken although, generally we’d refuse to eat it. So we got our heads together and hatched our child ‘Clutch’ guilt free fried chicken, great cocktails and banging RnB…

What is unique about the Clutch? 

The way we fry our food is unique to us, we only use the finest grade groundnut oils. No cholesterol carcinogenic or trans fat!! I don’t think there is any where else using it to fry chicken in London. Yet!!!

Our decor and atmosphere is totally unique to us, come check it out for yourself.

How do you select the menu? 

We have monthly cook offs with the chefs, if it works it goes on if not we work on it some more… We are currently re-working our peanut and chilli chicken, so watch this space!!





What is your signature dish that everyone has to try? 

Our menu is very small, we do what we do and that’s it. There is no room for a sole signature dish when we only do six types of fried chicken. They’re all a must try!! But my favourite would have to be the ‘Soy Garlic chicken’


Why did you choose Shoreditch/East London for the new restaurant?

We had no previous experience in restaurants, so we found it very hard finding a place fitting enough for what we wanted to do. No land lord in their right mind would look at us at the time,  we struggled on for nearly three years. Until one day (this time last year)  we got a call from our now landlord and boom, Shoreditch chose us

What would you say has been the most memorable experience while developing this business?

Getting to meet all our neighbours who are now our regular customers. The forming of new relationships with not only them but with our staff has been the most rewarding thing about starting/developing Clutch

What are your future plans? 

We want to stay focused on Clutch number 1 for now . We’ve done this on our own without investment and until our baby is walking on it’s own, we wouldn’t even consider doing another!! The future is bright though :)

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Monograph: Interview With The Chef Ugo Lo Presti Wed, 09 Jul 2014 00:57:25 +0000 10406605_734886486569892_7087680902375966030_n

G: Tell us about the project? What did inspire you to start? What is unique about your project?

Monograph is a Japanese supper club that takes place every Friday. A tasting size portions multi-course menu, changing every month, allows to experience high quality Japanese food at an accessible price.

What inspires me is a desire to create, communicate and express my visions through my work. I’ve found in Japanese cuisine and in all the aspects regarding the design of a dining experience, a way to satisfy those desires. I feel it’s a bit early to call Monograph unique in anyway. What I can say for sure is that it is my aim.

Abandoning all the common rules for designing dining experiences and follow the instinct, freely, without the research for consensus or the safety of something that has already been done before. I came to London less then one year ago with the hope that it is the right place to do that.

Monograph 2

G: What would you say has been your most memorable experience while developing this project?

Does a moment of passion with my ex co-host, after trying new recipes, counts as an answer? It is probably the most memorable experience.

G: Why do you choose Shoreditch to do this?

I was quite new to London and I found this space called Commune Cafè ( which aims to be a small business incubator for food start-ups. This gave me the chance to start with little capital. I’m still in the process of discovering more about Shoreditch.

Monograph 6

G: How do you chose the menus for the events?

I look for inspirations everywhere. I like to let events influence and blend with my project. Few days ago I was eating at a sushi bar while I receive a text from a Japanese friend asking me where he could find a certain ingredient. What I was eating in that moment, and that ingredient he was looking for, became the starting point for a new recipe.

G: What does the future has in store for you?

I’m looking for passionate people interested in being part of the project and I want to give to Monograph it’s own studio/venue, from where design and provide new dining experiences without limitations.

Social links:

Twitter: @monographlondon



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Interview With Cymon Eckel The Co-Founder Of Forge & Co Thu, 26 Jun 2014 00:15:44 +0000 forge&co-29

Tell us about Forge & Co, what is unique about it compare to other creative spaces in the area?

Nowhere else offers work, rest and play in one space. Moreover, we’re the only creative workspace to actively encourage the technology and creative industries to sit together in one place, and hopefully collaborate. Besides that Forge & Co is distinct in a number of ways. Our fantastic location on Shoreditch High St. The Canteen dining set-up for relaxed all day and evening dining. Touches aimed at the clientele like our ‘Workers Plates’ (classic lunchtime dishes priced between £4-8). The Lounge offers a breakout space for residents, a working area for non-residents, and a very comfortable spot to have a drink – and we have the finest drink selection in Shoreditch. We also have a basement gallery that’s hosted a wide array of exhibitions, from the latest solo show by acclaimed painter Chris Moon to an exhibition of World Cup player portraits from Green Soccer Journal, and fascinating talks from entrepreneurs.

imageYou are the founder of quite a few successful ventures like XOYO, The Griffin, Boy’s Own, what inspires you to do what you do and what do you think were the key reasons behind their success?

The key reasons for their success have been a desire to be relevant and authentic, and to have the right tone of voice. Culturally they have reflected my own personal desires and needs.

I have been very lucky to work with wonderful people from the world of music, fashion and art. I’ve had a coincidental support network of influencers around me that was accidental, a family picked up along the way (thank you x).

My inspiration is simple: to do good things that one is proud of being involved with. Projects that are unique, at least at first, pushing the wheel a little further forward. Evolve or die!

Why do you choose Shoreditch to run your businesses?

In the early years the openness, sense of adventure mingled with fun, because no day was predictable. Now, because it represents a culture, an international language that’s recognised in Mitte to Brooklyn.

What could help for the development of Shoreditch creative and entrepreneurial communities? What these communities are still missing?

The sustenance of co-working as an affordable alternative to leasing an office. This will have to be supported by local authorities and the commercial sector.

Restricted cultural areas with a controlled balance of new and established brands; not because we dislike big players as they are an essential part of the business cycle. But they push up values.

Box Park, although a commercial venture (we all need a future), has realised that small companies are the future.

Who are your favourite CEOs in Shoreditch?

Shane Walter; One Dot Zero for taking a streetwise cultural idea to a global British identity.


What are your future plans?

Work, rest and play.

Social links:




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Best Places To Watch The 2014 World Cup In Shoreditch Fri, 13 Jun 2014 12:53:50 +0000  

Beach Blanket Babylon – 19-23 Bethnal Green Road

Beach Blanket Babylon ‘s Shoreditch venue is the perfect place to watch the World Cup with a dash of elegance thrown in. Their perks include a burger + a lager of your choice for £15, VIP private screening rooms available to book and multiple plasma screens so you don’t miss one second of the nail baiting action .Check out what games they will be showing and start planning your visit by calling 02077493540 or emailing if they aren’t showing the matches you want to watch don’t hesitate to ask as they would be more than happy to arrange something. Check the site for more details:





Albion Pub – 94 Goldsmith’s Row 

Rock on up to the cosy Albion Pub and make yourself comfortable for almost every match of the cup. Download the Matchpint app and with every third check in receive a free pint! Which you can enjoy on the sun soaked (hopefully) terrace. All 5pm/8pm games will be shown as well as a selection of 11pm matches which you can also book for up to 15 people. They also have Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish speaking staff to help out any locals or tourists.Check the site for more details:



Zigfrid von Underbelly   – 11 Hoxton Square

Zigfrid upstairs has 3 double-sided screens hanging from the ceiling and 2 behind the bar (no more missing that goal when ordering a drink! ). Underbelly downstairs is available for private hire. Both floors are backed by the DJ & live music-approved sound systems.
Drinks offers include Brazil-inspired cocktails that are 2-4-1 during England or Brazil matches, bottles of Brahma sold in 4s & 6s and Ziggy’s version of Churrasco de Picanha on a skewer that is good for 3 to share.
Last but not least, the Ziggy people have also launched their own ale just in time for the World Cup celebrations – London Plane Ale by the Hoxton Square Craft Beer Co. Check the site for more details:



Roadtrip & The Workshop – 243 Old St

Managed by the same people as Zigfrid Roadtrip & The Workshop continues to build its strong footie following by having screens everywhere possible. Roadtrip’s large south-facing terrace and folding doors mean that the ones lucky enough to have travelled to Brazil are not the only ones getting to enjoy the game in the sun! The Workshop downstairs can be hired out for a private football party.
Your thirst will be quenched by Brazil-inspired cocktails that are 2-4-1 during England or Brazil games and offers on bottles of Brahma beer. Roadtrip’s Big Frank frankfurter from Big Apple Hot Dogs has got a Brazilian twist in the name of Cachorro Quente – bom appetite! Check the site for more details:




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Stir and Sip: Interview With The Founder Joel Buckley Thu, 12 Jun 2014 00:56:58 +0000 testing_east_end_blend_with_regular

Tell us about your business: What do you do? What did inspire you to start?

We are Stir and Sip, a non profit company selling ‘loose leaf and fancy tea’. We set up in response to the need for funding for homeless charities, namely SCT (Spitalfields Crypt Trust) who do a fantastic job helping homeless people through a recovery program and back into work.

We sell loose leaf tea for a profit, to generate the income for the tea that is given away for free at the drop in centre. Tea is often at the very start of the recovery process, and can also be the only non alcoholic drink that some of the guys have that day.

To be able to generate funds for tea, through selling tea is our aim. Our tea is supplied by a company from a tea growing region in Darjeeling India, they are expert in their field and have helped us put together a fantastic selection of tea.

east_end_blend_in_shopWhat is innovative about what you do?

We are the only 100% not for profit tea seller in the market at the moment, but also we felt it was very important to have our own unique blend, so we took the unusual step of having a tea made for us by our tea experts. This has led to us launching a tea called ‘East End Blend’ which is our flagship signature tea.

We wanted it to represent all that is good about the East End so it’s a very strong tea with a big character. We package the tea into tobacco tins to encourage drinkers to take it out and about, and not to leave it sitting in a cupboard.

Why did you choose Shoreditch to start this business?

We are launching the blend through Paper and Cup which is on Calvert Avenue, and it is such a vibrant part of the East End it seemed like the perfect place to start.

What is your favorite Businesses in Shoreditch?

It has to be Paper & Cup!

What does the future has in store for your business?

We are excited to get some momentum over the coming months and build up a regular client base for the tea. We are ideally going to get into more retail outlets, both as resellers, stockists and wholesale so we will be pushing that over the coming weeks.

One other thing we will be doing is Recovery Starts With a Tea (Party) where we will hold tasting parties for customers to try before they buy – watch this space on that development!

Social links:

Twitter: @stirandsip



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Drinqsmart : A Slick New App For Getting A Quick Drink Wed, 11 Jun 2014 00:23:54 +0000 FlyerNew2

How many times have you been dying for a drink but not been able to find a drinking partner? Struggled to find a great venue to go out, as it’s all too complicated? Didn’t realise a promotion was on around the corner that would have saved you £5 or got you exclusive drinks? Yes? Drinqsmart is the app for you!

A new refreshing app for going out, called Drinqsmart helps you get your night started.

With Drinqsmart you can conveniently meet friends who are around you and find top venues all in one app, saving you time and helping you get the most out of an hour here or there. The vision, simple, “Give time back to smart Londoners” so they can get use it to spend on activities they enjoy.

It doesn’t track your exact geo-location, but let’s you decide when you want to share a status and let’s your friends see which stations you are close to so they can quickly meet you for a drink. It’s all about helping the young and outgoing Londoner quench their thirst quickly and easily, with access to 2000 drinking venues across London.

How does it work? Simple, you let friends know you’re up for drink by setting a mood or invite them out to a cool venue through the app! If you both share the same mood and the timing suits you grab a drink and have fun.

Whatson1 Whatson2 Whatson3

We all know that a quick drink is a great way to stay in touch with our friends in a busy city like London. There are many apps emerging that seek to tap the spontaneous behaviour of urban life, but all try to do everything from dinner, drinking, cinema, and so on. Drinqsmart focuses on going-out for a drink and all that you need to help make that happen in a smart and fun way by allowing you to:

• See who is up for a drink close by based on their mood.

• Join venues or invite friends for drinks through your phonebook, Drinqsmart network, QR scanning or Facebook

• Find the best venues around based on your interest & mood

• See snapshot venue info and promotions in an easy layout

• Start a chat with friends who are out at a venue and easily exchange venue suggestions to find great places to go out around you

If your also a big fan of the World cup, you can use the app to find venues with World cup promotions and friends who are up for a drink based on the team they are supporting – a fun way to get your match started.

App launches today! Download now from the App Store to get a drink around you. Also check out the launch video on the website.
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Cereal Cafe Set To Open In Shoreditch Tue, 27 May 2014 13:57:52 +0000  



Shoreditch is home to the most creative café concepts in London but the boat is about to be rocked by a new plan to open up a cereal café. Yeah, you heard us, an entire café dedicated to the long forgotten breakfast food.

Alan and Gary Kerry, twin brothers originally from Belfast and avid cereal lovers, have set up a Indiegogo campaign to raise the money needed in order to open their café, the Cereal Killer Café.

Cereal can be boring but the brothers will kick it up a notch by serving up over 100 different cereals from all around the world, dozens of delicious toppings, different varieties of  milk, along with Pop Tarts, toast, coffee and tea. They will also cater for vegetarians/vegans.

The café will be decked out in cereal memorabilia and have TV’s playing old cartoons so we can all reminisce about our much-missed childhoods.

They hope to open later this year so check out their crowd-funding page for more information and/or to support.

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Top 15 Clubs And Late Bars in Shoreditch Fri, 23 May 2014 13:04:30 +0000  

Village Underground – 54 Holywell Lane, EC2A 3PQ IMG_0050_1

Village Underground is a buzzing venue used for many different events and activities. Made up of several disused train carriages, shipping containers and the main warehouse this creative hub is a mecca for artists, film makers, designers,DJ’s and writers. You can pretty much find any kind of event to go to here from theatre nights and  exhibitions to live art and media events. Their club nights are hosted in the main warehouse and but their live gigs are what is really worth a visit to Village Underground. Book tickets in advance as they sell out like hot cakes.


Oval Space – The Oval, London, E2 9DT  Screen-Shot-2013-09-17-at-23.22.03

Another East End venue that is used for multiple events they host everything from  film screenings, whiskey tastings and fashion events.  As well as hosting famous house/electronic DJ’s and indie bands/artists from around the globe their All Day All Night summer terrace parties are legendary  topped by the fact that they always  the hottest acts playing at these parties. No wonder there is always a scramble for tickets.

XOYO – 32-37 Cowper St, EC2A 4AP  images

Opened in 2010 this club/gig venue has quickly risen through the ranks to become a Shoreditch favourite. They don’t stick to one genre of music choosing instead to bring all types of music to their customers and it’s worked so well pretty far. They have played host to some of the hottest DJ’s, bands and artists around at the moment and so the establishment’s two floors are always rammed with revellers.

McQueen Shoreditch – 55-61 Tabernacle St, EC2A 4AA1463670_10153477287750422_19016458_n

Inspired the late great Steve McQueen this venue takes cool to a whole new level. An award winning bar and restaurant the club is located in the basement, where else? And is lavishly glamorous with their shiny Chesterfields, sexy portraits of beautiful women and exclusive VIP areas. The club has hosted fashion shows, gigs as well as award ceremonies and corporate events. They have won numerous awards so if you want the full rock star experience make sure to book in advance.

The Hoxton Pony – 104-108 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3AH 


Another Shoreditch favourite this bar never fails to deliver a good time. Their cocktail menu is famous for being extensive as well as unique and that’s all down to owner Gerry Calabrese. Gerry has assembled an award winning bar team who, through an in house training program, make all the syrups, purees and compotes required for the cocktails on site everyday with only the best British organic ingredients. There is also a carefully selected wine and champagne list from around the world. The perfect venue for a killer girls night out.

Zigfrid Von Underbelly – 11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NUUnknown

This strangely named venue is another of Shoreditch’s achingly hip places to hang out. The restaurant/bar/club is full of quirky art and unusual furniture and as well TV’s dotted around that play films. As well as hosting some of the best house music DJ’s they also put on live gigs, it’s the perfect place for a chilled beer after work or an all night rave.


Cargo – 83 Rivington St, EC2A 3A


Cargo is situated in a disused railway yard giving this venue a wonderful dash of character. It’s played host to many different events – corporate and commercial but the spacious bar is the highlight of them all. There are sofas and cool seating areas tucked away in the arches if you just want to sit and have a drink but also a dance floor to party on. There’s also a Banksy art piece in the outside seating area and the put on live shows as well as having resident and guest DJ’s.



Barrio East – 141-143 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JE barrio-east-la-boca

A Brazilian inspired cocktail bar that transforms into a late nightclub complete with DJ’s playing a range of music. You are guaranteed a good time here, as the atmosphere is warm and friendly and the food menu is delicious. The crazy décor, there is a caravan style seating area which you can hire out and plants hanging from the ceiling, only serves to make for a fun and unique visit. Happy Hour cocktails start at under a fiver so there’s no excuse not to check out this venue.


Queen of Hoxton – 1-5 Curtain Road, EC2A 3JX


An uber trendy bar, club and art gallery that is always busy because they have so much going on. Spread over different levels this venue has a games room complete with pinball machines and table football. Some of the biggest names in music have played here including Tom Odell and Miles Kane, as well as the best indie DJ’s providing the sound for raves and gigs. There is also a stunning rooftop garden complete with bar, a BBQ kitchen  and an unmissable view of London.


Beach Blanket Babylon – 19-23 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6LA


Nobody does decadence and luxury quite like BBB so this is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or to just treat yourself at the end of a long week. With two bespoke bars and a champagne lounge this venue manages to mix rustic and cosmopolitan without being try hard or obnoxious. Instead they have created a wonderfully inviting atmosphere that whisks you away from the real world. The extensive cocktail menu, as well as serving some of the most exclusive and rare wines and champagne from across the globe, will definitely make for an unforgettable experience. Booking in advance is advised.



333 Mother Bar-85

333 Motherbar – 333 Old St, EC1V 9LE

Playing on the theme of triple’s this venue has three floors that are furbished with retro vinyl seats, black and gold wallpaper and a classic chess board style dance floor. A Shoreditch institution their main focus is music and boy do they know how to please a crowd playing a range of music and hosting some of the best London DJ’s. A large drinks menu that caters for all serves as the cherry on this wonderful cake.



Roadtrip – 243 Old St, EC1V 9EY 


A super cool late night bar and live music venue Roadtrip hosts the most amazing artists, bands and DJ’s, almost too cool for Shoreditch in fact. They cater to lovers of all kinds of music from electro, pop, indie; hip-hop and more so you cant go wrong here. Bursting at the seams with unique light installations, comfy leather sofa’s and sculptures this venue should be number one on the list of places to visit in Shoreditch. Serving all manner of drinks and food Roadtrip is great for whatever you are in the mood for.


 Hoxton Bar and Kitchen – 2-4 Hoxton Square,N1 6NU 


A local institute this venue has had some of the best in music grace their stage including around Florence + the Machine, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, The Lumineers and Kodaline among many many others; which is reason enough to see why it’s always rammed full of revellers. Serving up tasty mexican food, burgers and brunches in the kitchen and brilliant cocktails alongside beers from around the globe make sure to get down here asap.


Plastic People – 149 Curtain Road, EC2A 3QE   



A tiny basement club that packs a big punch, this is a hub for all the trendy local’s. Famous for their dub step, techno, hip hop, and house nights this is the best place to go if you’re all about getting lost in the music and raving the night away. The sound system in Plastic People is second to none and the perfect reason to keep coming back again and again.



Concrete @ Pizza East – Lower Ground Floor, 56 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JJ  Concrete_2010_-_IMG_5498@gallerymain

Located in the basement of the Tea Building this venue is industrial like with little fuss, hence the name. Only wooden tables and benches along with the bar punctuate the bare space leaving more room to dance and giving the venue  the versatility to host many different events. All kinds of music and DJ’s play here so be sure to check out this well kept Shoreditch secret.


1274881_230516370486990_275208146_oTrapeze Club – 89 Great Eastern St, EC2A 3HX  

Trapeze Club sits on the former site of the popular East Village Club; which ran of over 5 years. Stuart Patterson, who ran the music progamme at East Village, is back keeping the popular Saturday night house sessions in place and the basement remains mainly untouched including the sound system from the EV days.


CAMP – 70-74 City Road, EC1Y 2BJimages-1

CAMP is a venue owned by the City Arts and Music Project, hence the acronym. During the day the first floor is a café/arts venue but as evening falls its transformed into a casual and cosy bar while the industrial style basement becomes a nightclub hosting DJ’s and gigs. The basement can only hold around 150 people so it gives an intimate experience that can be hard to find in many of London’s clubs.




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Outside Shoreditch: Meat & Shake Wed, 30 Apr 2014 00:35:00 +0000 Burger restaurant, Meat & Shake is located in Tooting Bec, South West London and is the first venture from restaurateur Faraz Ahmad. The restaurant prides itself on their burgers and shakes, all created with a real passion for flavour and originality, whilst using the finest ingredients, and including Herefordshire dry aged beef.

Restaurant owner, Faraz says: ‘We have always wanted to work with food and we saw that there was a real gap in the market for a great burger restaurant in Tooting. This area of south west London is really up and coming and we wanted to capitalise on being the first on the scene and establish ourselves in a very competitive market, especially since the fantastic Chicken Shop and soon to be Honest Burgers coming to the area’.


Food & Drink

The menu at Meat & Shake offers a wide range of burgers, steaks as well as shakes. To further develop the menu, Meat & Shake is also working in collaboration with former Michelin starred chef Jasper Aykroyd, an evangelist among local and artisan producers and with the most original ideas on charcuterie. All burgers are made from a minimum 35 day dry aged beef, sourced from master butchers, Macken Bros of Selfridges London. The burgers are made by smashing the patty on a chrome finished Miraclean Griddle from the USA, and the Steaks are cooked in a Josper charcoal oven. Highlights from the burger offering include the ‘Truffle Shuffle’ – black truffle mayonnaise, Gruyere cheese and a honey and onion truffle glaze, not to mention the signature ‘Smoking Bandit’ – smokey Chipotle mayonnaise, tomato, lettuce, smokey cheddar, sautéed onions, smokey turkey bacon – which adds a touch of theatre by being presented in a glass dome filled with smoke. For the non-beef lovers the menu also offers an Indian style burger with the ‘Ruby Murray’ chicken burger – tikka Masala sauce, tomato, spinach leaves, seasoned Chicken breast, red onions, Monterery Jack cheese, red chillies, coriander, yoghurt and poppadum – as well as the classics – Joe Schmoe & Plain Jane – with seriously melted cheese, pickled gherkins, mustard, ketchup and aioli, bringing to life the slightly seasoned aged beef patty.

Other mains include Jacobs ladder ribs, sweet and sticky buffalo wings and the classic hot dog. Classic American style sides, include rosemary fries, sweet potato fries, and dirty fries with chili con carne, jalapenos and cheese.

As well as burgers, Meat & Shake provides a wide range of shakes. Flavours include the classics such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry as well as the slightly more unusual, Fig and Cinnamon, Crème Brule and basil which, when set alight caramelises and infuses the basil, and blue cheese and dark chocolate.


Meat & Shake

47 Upper Tooting Road,

Tooting Bec

SW17 7TR

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Discover East London With Shoreditch Hype Experiences Tue, 29 Apr 2014 15:37:29 +0000 Hype App and Hype Experiences are designed to help people explore the capital’s hidden gems. Each event allows the participants to immerse themselves in local culture and discover, among other things; the best art, food and coffee that London has to offer. Hype experiences are very informal and provide a great opportunity for you to talk to like minded individuals, make new friends and spend your weekend in a more creative way. Check it out and join them for tons of fun!

Regent’s Canal and Broadway Market Experience

The Hype team says that one of the best ways to see the real London is to take a walk along an old canal towpath. Did you know that the Regent’s Canal stretches from Paddington to Limehouse? From multi-million pound architectural masterpieces to rundown council estates, from gasworks to hi-tech offices, from mosques to markets and from rabbits to ducks – all London life is here! Do you know what it’s like to live on a canal boat? You’ll learn about this quirky style of living and the latest excitement among the boating community while sipping a special cocktail.


May 3rd info & tickets:–broadway-market

May 10th info & tickets

May 24th  info & tickets

Art and Coffee/Tea Experience

Shoreditch is a cultural hub in East London: a quirky, interesting and creative area that showcases new art, fashion and music. Did you know that William Shakespeare wrote and performed plays here? Or that, despite London having no café culture just a few years ago, Shoreditch is now a place where you can sample the best coffee from around the world? And what about all those creatives and artists who started out in warehouses and transformed this area into the largest creative district in Europe?

Hype invites you to join them for the ‘Art & Coffee/Tea’ tour and explore the most interesting galleries, creative spaces and coffee/tea shops that Shoreditch has to offer. You will meet other Londoners, see the place where Romeo and Juliet was first performed, visit the best galleries in the area, taste coffee and tea, meet coffee experts who will teach you about three waves of coffee culture, play some games, network and be inspired by all the creative places we have to show you!


May 17th info & tickets–coffeetea-hype-tour-may17

May 31st info & tickets–coffeetea-hype-tour-may31

Food and Drinks Experiance

There’s no doubt ‘hipster culture’ in Shoreditch is alive and well, especially when it comes to Nightlife. Whether you’re a pro at throwing on high waisted jeans and a beanie to try a new restaurant, or you’ve never stepped foot on Old Street, Hype Food & Drinks Experience is guaranteed to be a fun evening out.

As a neighbourhood, the East End is a melting pot, known for its diverse cultures and mouth-watering cuisine. By eating your way through the area, you can experience its history, tradition and local food culture. Food simply for sustenance? Forget it! For East London’s foodies it is all about sex in the mouth.


By buying the ticket with drinks or/and food included you save more than 30%.

May 18th info & tickets–drinks-experience-18may

May 25th info & tickets–drinks-experience-25may

If you have any questions regarding the tours, please get in touch with Shoreditch Hype team on

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